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Worldcoin Price Prediction: Whale Earns $2 Million Profit! How high can the WLD Price go? (Cryptoticker)

Some big-shot crypto investor (Whale) with the handle 0x4a9 hit the jackpot, raking in a cool $2.15 million in just 48 hours thanks to Worldcoin (WLD). The token shot up almost 25% in value on Friday, turning this whale’s wallet into a treasure chest practically overnight. Talk about lightning-fast wealth-building in the crypto world, right? Shows you just how wild and unpredictable this market can be! This article is all about Worldcoin price prediction and how high can the price go.

How has the WLD Price moved in recent days? 

WLD/USD Daily Chart- TradingView

Alright, let’s break down what’s happening with Worldcoin today. So, the price is sitting at $4.42, which is pretty decent. And get this, in the last day alone, it’s been traded like crazy, hitting a massive $2.10 billion in volume. That’s a lot of action!

Now, in terms of market cap, it’s at a hefty $574.56 million, but it’s still just a tiny blip on the radar, holding onto just 0.03% of the whole crypto scene. But here’s where it gets interesting – the price has jumped up by 13.66% in just the last 24 hours. Talk about a spike!

Looking back, Worldcoin hit its peak at $4.73 back on December 17, 2023, but it’s also had its rough patches, with the lowest price hitting $2.09 after that peak. But hey, it’s made a comeback, reaching $4.57 since then.

People seem pretty hyped about its future, with a bullish sentiment going around, and check this out – the Fear & Greed Index is showing 76, which means there’s some serious greed in the air.

As for supply, there are about 129.87 million WLD tokens out there, out of a max supply of 10 billion. So, there’s still plenty of room for things to shake up in the Worldcoin world.

Worldcoin Price Prediction: Whale Earns $2 Million Profit

Spot On Chain recently brought attention to a fascinating wallet move: within just two days, wallet 0x0007 managed to rake in a whopping $2.15 million from Worldcoin (WLD). Their system flagged the wallet making a massive withdrawal of 2.09 million WLD from Binance, valued at a cool $5.82 million with WLD priced at $2.78. 

But here’s where it gets even more interesting: with Worldcoin’s price shooting up by a staggering 72% in the last seven days, the value of the WLD holdings in the wallet skyrocketed to a mind-blowing $8.03 million. That’s some serious crypto maneuvering right there!

Why is the WLD Coin Price UP?

Sam Altman, known for his involvement in both the digital identity protocol Worldcoin and the AI giant OpenAI, seems to have stirred up some serious excitement among WLD speculators. In just 24 hours, trading volume for the crypto shot up by a whopping 281%.

Now, while OpenAI recently rolled out its latest AI tool, Sora, there doesn’t seem to be a direct connection between this tool and the $571 million market-capitalized WLD cryptocurrency, other than Altman himself. But hey, sometimes just having a big name associated with a project is enough to get people buzzing!

OpenAI’s newest creation, Sora, is making waves with its ability to whip up 60-second videos complete with intricate scenes and lifelike characters. But here’s the catch: some folks are raising red flags about its potential misuse in crypto scams.

See, Sora’s got this incredible knack for understanding language and interpreting the physical world, which could be a goldmine for scammers. With its skills, they could churn out convincing deepfakes and phony endorsements faster than you can say “crypto scam.”

And here’s where it gets dicey – this text-to-video tech could automate the production of tons of scam videos, making it a piece of cake for crypto scams to explode in scale if nobody’s keeping an eye on things. It’s like giving scammers a turbo boost, and that’s got some folks feeling pretty uneasy.

How high can the WLD Price go?

Worldcoin has been hitting some major milestones lately, with over 1 million users signing up by January 13, 2023, and a whopping 2 million World ID sign-ups by July 13, 2023. The introduction of World ID and SDK in March 2023, followed by the launch of the World App in May 2023, has really made the project more accessible and helped it grow.

And let’s talk tech – the successful migration to the Optimism mainnet in July 2023, along with the World ID SDK becoming available, shows that Worldcoin is serious about staying ahead in the tech game. Plus, launching the WLD token in July 2023 was a big move towards achieving its goals.

They’ve also been making strides in scalability, like reducing the load on Optimism with a September 2023 World App update. And with over 200,000 people verifying their World ID in Chile, they’re definitely making waves globally.

Worldcoin’s ability to adapt and innovate, like with the updated state bridges architecture and expanded World ID access in Germany, shows they’re not afraid to tackle challenges head-on. Plus, with the World App hitting over 4 million downloads and offering multiple languages and local currencies, they’re gearing up for global domination.

Sure, there are some regulatory and privacy concerns to address, but Worldcoin’s approach to identity verification and empowering users through token distribution really sets it apart. As we move forward, how well they handle these challenges will be key to their growth and price potential. Some predictions put the WLD price between $2 to $6 in 2024, but only time will tell how things play out.

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