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Why is Bitcoin special? Change my mind (Reddit Bitcoin)

Just a disclaimer, I’m not posting this to troll, this is a genuine question.

While doing research on crypto, every argument I’ve read about Bitcoin seems to be purely emotional. Why is it the top coin? Because it was first. Because if you were to ask a stranger in the street to name a cryptocurrency, they’d reply “Bitcoin”. Because its mystery with Satoshi’s identity makes for a good campfire story.

Yet I’ve never heard about what makes it better than its main competitors on a purely technical level. What is it about Bitcoin that makes it technologicaly superior to other cryptocurrencies? Does it have a legitimate, non-sentimental reason to be the top cryptocurrency? As of right now, to me it just looks like it’s famous for being famous and nothing else, like if it were to be released today it wouldn’t fare well against its competition.

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