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WeWay – An NFT Bridge Between Influencers And Their Fans

WeWay is meant to be a bridge uniting both influencers and regular people in one, single, platform. The platform works on providing a wide range of income opportunities for both groups of participants, bringing them together and allowing them to cooperate and interact conveniently.

Create and buy NFTs, receive fair income, trade, transfer funds, etc. The revenue system for content creators on the WeWay platform is backed by the WeWay token and the NFT marketplace. The creators must come up with a core feature that will build an economic system running on the latest blockchain tech and crypto technology within the WeWay platform. And of course, in comes the WeWay token.

The token’s primary purpose is to connect the simplicity and convenience of the platform that’s running on blockchain, popular content creators, and their communities in one place. In other terms, the WeWay token is the internal asset for the influencers to use, having their token pools when coming to the site and allocating them among their community.

Abdeselam Mohamed Riduan, Head of Business Development and co-founder of WeWay says: “Users will no longer need to waste time on various payment services to make a purchase or an order. It is enough for them to purchase an internal token to freely use all of the platform’s functions”.

Such an internal system will help creators monetize their content more efficiently, receive income from their activities, as well as launch fundraisings, raise donations, sell their NFTs, etc.

Plus, regarding NFTs, why not encrypt content into NFT and put it for sale? Sounds like a good idea doesn’t it? With this, devoted fans may purchase it via WeWay tokens in the open marketplace. This way, influencers may monetize their content by encrypting it into NFTs, a non-fungible token popular among investors and collectors lately. In other words, creating NFTs benefits both fans and creators, while one receives a highly valuable exclusive NFT, the other gains profit. Besides, fans may further trade the exclusive NFT, hence earning as well.

Bohdan Prylepa, СТО and co-founder of WeWay, commented on what kinds of NFTs can be obtained by fans in this case. According to him the NFTs can be pretty much everything involving the influencer. To enumerate a few, it can be some pics signed by celebrities, memes involving them, poetry, rare videos from influencers’ lives, funny situations from their lives, stories, songs recorded in real life, etc. Thus, given the platform’s scale, the number of famous people on it, their aesthetic way of life and creativity, and the crowds of fans following them, one may only imagine how many interesting NFTs will end up being issues. And that’s without even thinking about the profit it’ll bring.

Fuad Fatulaev, CEO and co-founder of WeWay commented:

“We’re the first platform to provide a wide range of tools to bring creators and fans closer together. On “WeWay”, any user can become part of the content of their favorite creator, receive unique products from them or try out new ways of interaction. There are no functionally identical sites on the market at the moment. This engagement goes both ways: creators can set upvotes to decide on which activities will be done next, while fans can request petitions on fan-created initiatives. Our platform goes beyond that and it is our focus to set up a fundraising mechanism within the platform, a donation tool to support exceptional creators and ideas, and last but not least, a marketplace of exclusive offers from creators, including NFT collectibles and content. And all transactions that take place on our platform can be made using the WeWay token. We are the only ones who combine the traditional social media model with market experience (physical and intangible exclusive goods) and the latest technology to power it up in the shape of blockchain and NFTs”.

However, what WeWay wants to accomplish cannot simply be defined by that. The creators of the platform are working on making it as appealing and enjoyable as possible for influencers to come and register on WeWay, that’s that core goal so far. Working on the platform usually makes it much easier for influencers to receive income by finding sponsors, as well as gain a much larger community.

Being on one platform with that many fans makes every party involved feel closer and creates a feeling of accomplishment but also belonging. This is especially true for fans because as a regular person you’d usually just associate the world “celebrity” to “unattainable” or “unreachable”. Thanks to WeWay though, this is inaugurating the beginning of a new era, one where modern trends and technological progress really bring fans and celebrities together, maintaining a balance between science and art.  Other platforms are rather niche-focused or just overloaded with content, leaving no space for interaction, while WeWay focuses exactly on that – interacting.

New technologies, blockchain, artificial intelligence – all these tools will be united under one prime goal – creating a WeWay platform that will be attractive, usable, convenient, transparent, and user-friendly for both regular people and influencers. One, that strives to provide fair revenues, new ways of interaction between celebrities and their community, convenient and easy ways to proceed transactions, thus opening new earning opportunities from this creation.

Yoola and eHold have united to build the greatest content platform for both creators and followers, where everyone will feel like a part of something really great on a worldwide scale. WeWay is eager to attract the most famous influencers and build the most comprehensive community, providing exclusive opportunities for both sides, allowing them to interact and even cooperate, trade, earn, covering all the possible segments and reaching all the audiences there is.


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