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UNI/USD Price Prediction for 26th July: Optimism in Uniswap Market

Uniswap has significantly outperformed other performing crypto. This crypto has moved roughly 5% upward which is considerably higher than other cryptos on the daily mover list. Also, readings on trading indicators predict that a bit more upward price gain can be expected in this market.

Uniswap Current Price: $7.36
Uniswap Market Cap: $5.4 billion
Uniswap Total Supply: 1 billion
Uniswap Rank: 17

Important Price Marks:
Ceiling Marks: $7.200, $.7.300, $7.360
Floor Marks: $7.186, $7.050, $7.000

UNI/USD Value Prediction: Trading Chances in Uniswap Market

It appears as if crypto traders have been able to spot the trading opportunities in the Uniswap market. This is coming from the fact that currently, buyers keep pushing the price of this crypto higher. The UNI/USD daily chart reveals that we may be at the early stages of a gradual price rally. Considering the moving averages on this chart, we can perceive that the 9 and 21-day moving averages are under the price candlestick. Consequently, this means the uptrend is still on. If eventually, these MA lines can cross each other while under price candlestick, Uniswap value will increase further. Also, this may eventually bring the crypto value to higher resistance at around $7.50 and $8.00.

UNI/USD Value Prediction: Uniswap Upside Move More Significant on Shorter Time Frames

The 4-hour UNI/USD trading chart sheds more light on the price uptrend in the Uniswap market. Similar to what we noticed on the daily chart, the MAs remain under the trading candlesticks. However, here the last candlestick formed significantly above the MA lines.

Consequently, this confirms that the uptrend is still on. In addition to this, we can see the activity on the Stochastic Relative Strength indicator portrays a continuously increasing value. However, possible reversal is close, value may rise to the aforementioned levels. Therefore, traders can set a stop at the $7.40 price level.

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