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Token Presale For Ethereum’s Version of Bitcoin Nears US$800000 Raised As Elon Musk X (EMX) Token Explodes After Airdrop (crypto-news-flash)

Mollars ($MOLLARS) token presale and Elon Musk X (EMX) are two cryptocurrencies that are worlds apart in terms of utility and future value.  However, in this moment, both have one thing in common — Crypto traders, including crypto whales, are buying in big-time

Is It Good To Invest In Mollars?

Mollars, which is Ethereum Blockchain’s version of Bitcoin, has now surpassed 1,500,000 tokens sold in its ICO event.    The store-of-value crypto is rapidly moving towards its hardcap goal of 4-million tokens or $2-Million (USD); Whichever comes first.   

The branding value appears to be stellar. Most crypto enthusiasts have at least heard of the “Mollars” brand at least once.  And while there are imposter sites popping up, attempting to capitalize off the $MOLLARS token popularity, all traders should be aware the official token presale domain is, with Mollars.CC also being official.  The secondary domain is redirecting to the dot com currently but will eventually be the home of the project’s coming crypto exchange .

Any other domains are frauds.

Ethereum’s New SOV Token A Modernized Version of Bitcoin

The $MOLLARS token is being called Ethereum’s Version of Bitcoin because it is a store-of-value cryptocurrency like $BTC.   However, it will be on a better blockchain than Bitcoin and operate faster in trade transactions. Not only that, “Mollars Saves Dollars” as it’s expected to cost cryptocurrency investors 80% less in transaction fees to buy, sell, or convert than BTC.

Bitcoin-blockchain became the worst, fee wise, as of 2023. It reached all time highs in transaction fees, averaging $39 per trade.

Mollars creator realized the BTC issue was spiraling out of control and decided to create the ERC-20 store of value with more modernized features and lower transaction fees. 

The other ‘better features’ of Mollars versus Bitcoin include the total token supply and actual profit opportunity.   

Only 10-million $MOLLARS tokens will be minted ever.  A maximum of 40% of the total supply is being sold during the token presale; the hard cap goal.  This is far more scarce than Bitcoin, which has a total of 21-million coins.  

And not only that,  100% of Mollars token supply will be sold on the market. None will be held by the founder nor developers.   The founder stresses the importance of decentralization requiring no ‘majority holder,’ whereas Bitcoin’s founder Satoshi Nakamoto kept 1-million of the 21-million BTC for himself.  He has the ability to sway the market on any given day.

Profit potential wise, Mollars also has more appeal for those that follow historical fact.  Investors make the biggest profits by investing during the Initial Coin Offering aka token presale of any major crypto brand.  The BTC’s early investors saw ROI yields of up to +20,000,000% but today,  13 years later, a profit yield of +100% is a hard feat.

Mollars on the other hand is in its initial coin offer (ICO) stage today.  Currently being sold for $0.50 (cents) per token, if this store-of-value asset explodes as its rival did, the best ROI yields will be received by those who invest today; following historical data trends.

There are predictions that suggest Mollars could rise 24x , 44x, or even possibly to $100 by this year’s end.     Long term holders will benefit the most.

Short-term traders can make gains of $0.12 [cents]per token by purchasing today at the price of 50-cents.  Mollars will list on its first crypto exchange at a price of US$0.62 cents.  The solid gain of over +20% will be raked by short-termers at latest, in May 2024 — based on current tokenomics.

Elon Mars X (EMX) Token Explodes after Airdrop

And Mollars token presale investors are not the only ones hoping for big gains.  So are traders that are swapping the new Elon Mars X (EMX) token.  A crypto fish frenzy is spreading around the memecoin, which had no ICO presale. 

Currently trending on CoinMarketCap, the $EMX token has reached an all-time high of $0.000007505.    This is a +25% ROI yield for investors who got tokens from the airdrop.

The earlier price recorded on CMC for the Elon Mars X token was $0.000006005 and presumably the initial listing price.

This airdropped memecoin has no known utility or ‘solution’ to offer the crypto space currently but it is gaining notoriety quickly on crypto indexes and exchanges, due to the sudden increase in price and obvious profit yields.

100-Billion is the total token supply of the $EMX token with 89-Billion being the current circulating supply.  The other 11-billion tokens may be held in a wallet for the founder but no pertinent news information has been published about audits or verification of such matter.

The ‘about this token’ data on CoinmarketCap suggests the Elon Mars X token has a connection to the ideology of ‘space exploration’ but no transparency on real utility nor future.

For now however,  with a $3.11-million trading volume over the last 24 hours, the EMX tokens could be a short-term play for quick profits.


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