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Ripple and DeFi: New XRPL EVM Side Chain to Reward Validators with XRP (crypto-news-flash)

The XRPL EVM sidechain will reward validators with XRP, integrating Ripple into the decentralized finance arena.
This development promises to increase demand for XRP by using it as a native currency and reward for validators on the new chain.

Ripple is set to implement an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) sidechain on the XRP Ledger (XRPL), promising rewards in XRP for validators on the chain. This move not only deepens Ripple’s foray into the DeFi sector, but also sets a promising stage for XRP’s value in the market.

Ferran Prat Tió, CEO of Peersyst Technology, the crypto company behind the development of the XRPL Ethereum sidechain, confirmed in a recent interview that validators of this new chain will be rewarded with XRP tokens. This announcement marks a new beginning for Ripple, presenting itself as a formidable competitor in DeFi’s so-called “staking wars.”

what Does the XRPL EVM Side Chain Imply for Ripple?

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The implementation of an EVM sidechain opens up a path of possibilities for Ripple and its community. As commented, “all of these executions will generate fees that will be collected by the XRP Ledger’s Ethereum sidechain validators,” many of whom are also mainchain validators .

This means that the native currency of this sidechain will be XRP, allowing users to hold their XRP while using all EVM contracts without the need to sell.

Future Advantages

This initiative not only strengthens the XRP ecosystem by integrating DeFi functionalities, but also promises to create sustained demand for XRP. By rewarding validators with XRP and charging gas fees for the use of Ethereum in XRP, it creates an economic cycle that favors both validators and the value of XRP in the market.

Unlike the main XRPL network, where transaction fees on XRP are burned, on this new chain built by Peersyst, validators will collect these fees. “And the most important point is that all these things will create demand for XRP,” Ferran Prat Tió said in the interview .

The distribution of XRP to validators on the XRPL system would incentivize investment and encourage the growth of a robust economy within the XRP ledger itself.

The XRPL EVM sidechain represents a major breakthrough for Ripple, aligning its operations with current DeFi and staking trends. By rewarding validators with XRP and generating steady demand for the token, Ripple not only strengthens its position in the market, but also offers new opportunities for its community and validators.

This development could be a catalyst for greater recognition and adoption of XRP, us hering in a new path for Ripple in the decentralized finance industry

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