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Radiant (RXD) is Another Interesting Crypto Coin for Miners (cryptomining-blog)

Radiant (RXD) is another new crypto project that similar to Kaspa (KAS) is getting more attention and that goes for crypto miners as well as it is among the most profitable coins to mine with GPUs at the moment. Radiant uses the SHA512256d algorithm (RXD whitepaper) for its Proof of Work which is a GPU-heavy one and not memory dependant algorithm, similar in that way to the kHeavyHash that Kaspa uses. The maximum supply of RXD coins is 21 Billion with a block reward of 50 thousand and a block time of 5 minutes, halving occurs every two years. What we like here with Radiant is that just like as with Kaspa we are kind of getting back to the roots of Bitcoin, but with a number of improved features and capabilities added by these projects.

Even though Radiant is still relatively new coin it is available for mining on over 20 pools with the largest ones in terms of hashtrate being rplant.xyz, woolypooly.com and vipor.net. A few crypto exchanges are already supporting RXD trading as well, these include TxBit, ExBitron and TradeOgre, but the trading volume is still not that large and with the current price you can easily scoop up some coins on the cheap.

To mine Radiant (RXD) coins on GPU you need to either use the latest SRBMiner-MULTI CPU & AMD GPU Miner 1.1.3 for AMD-based GPUs or the latest BzMiner v12.1.1 for Nvidia GPUs, although it also has support for AMD-based video cards as well. As for the settings, similar to what works for Kaspa works here as well, video memory set to the lowest possible frequency and the GPU clocked to as high as it can handle for maximum performance or to a bit lower level for optimal power efficiency.

Visit the official website of the Radiant (RXD) Project for more information…

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