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$PKR Up 250% Over 24hrs As Akon Shouts Out Polker.Game

Akon, the American R&B superstar, singer, songwriter, and record producer from New Jersey has released a video voicing his support for – an up-and-coming Play-to-Earn NFT poker-style game. Polker must have made a real impression on the star for him to voice such a positive opinion, possibly as the token soared over 250% in just 24hrs following their CEX listing. Akon rose to fame in 2004 after the release of his album ‘Locked Up’ and is perhaps most famous for his hit single ‘Smack That’ featuring Eminem. Akon was even listed in Forbes top 100 most powerful Celebrities. Watch Akon’s Video Here.

“Shoutout to Polker man, this game is revolutionary, I got a chance to play and wow, a card game experience in 3D, built-in Unreal Engine 4, this is hands down, this is the best play to earn, NFT game in the space.”

— Akon

$PKR Up 250% Over 24hrs!

Polker’s native token $PKR sky-rocketed on September 1st – Growing over 250% in just 24hrs. This led to Polker being the fourth biggest mover on CMC from all tokens listed. The massive pump in price coincided with their listing on centralized exchange BitMart and doesn’t appear to be ending any time soon. With the massive news that Akon supports Polker it appears that Polker.Game’s NFT Earn-to-Play Poker platform is going to be the next big name in blockchain gaming.

What is

Polker.Game has just announced their Play-to-Earn poker platform, a unique and impressive online gaming experience utilizing Unreal Engine 4. The game is available for absolutely anyone to play, for those looking to play a couple of quick hands at a table without wagering any money – then the game is available completely free. claims that their focus has always been on community, transparency, fairness, and also on creating a good game – and they have certainly been successful in all aspects with this release. The game focuses on Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and in-game upgrades which become available by winning more hands within the Polker platform. NFTs have been the biggest trend within the blockchain industry so far in 2021, and blockchain gaming is forecasted to be the next. With Polker integrating NFTs and blockchain gaming into its impressive gaming platform it really does seem set to be the next big thing.

$PKR & Polker.Game

$PKR is the native token of and can be used to purchase NFTs, gaming assets like cosmetics, and can be staked with an impressive APR (Forecast of 15% as of August 2021). $PKR isn’t required to play Polker due to the play-to-earn nature of the game, however, the token will create a large part of the ecosystem and metaverse in the future.

$PKR is cross-chain compatible and currently available on Ethereum (UniSwap) and Binance Smart Chain (PancakeSwap) –  with a Polygon bridge coming soon too.

The Future of

company with both an international and highly experienced development team. Polker is also only part of the PKR ecosystem, with displaying a huge amount of new development and innovation in addition to Polker. With the massive shoutout from Akon and their recent listing of the on BitMart, is sure to be making waves within the blockchain gaming and NFT communities.

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