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Panther Protocol Partners With Sentinel To Provide Advanced Privacy In Decentralized Markets (Zycrypto)

Panther Protocol is happy to announce its partnership with Sentinel, a global network of autonomous dVPN applications that enable private and censorship-resistant internet access.

As per the announcement, the partnership seeks to integrate the Sentinel DVPN tokens into Panther’s wallet to provide users with end-to-end privacy. This will allow users to distribute private blockchain solutions built using Panther technologies. The process will be done by providing technical support and guidance in the integration and maintenance process. 

While commenting on the partnership, Oliver Gale, a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) pioneer and Panther’s Co-founder, stated: 

“We know the internet collects data every time people interact online. People were sold a false promise with Virtual Private Networks or VPNs, but in reality, security cannot be guaranteed with vulnerable centralized VPNs. A single VPN company can be compromised at any time – an issue that Sentinel addresses through decentralized VPNs or dVPNs.”

Panther Protocol provides DeFi users with interoperable, fully collateralized privacy-enhancing digital assets that leverage zkSNARK technology while offering a novel price discovery mechanism for privacy. Users on the protocol can mint zero-knowledge zAssets. They can do so by depositing cryptocurrencies from any blockchain into Panther vaults. They are then able to use these zAssets across a full range of DeFi applications

Sentinel, built on Cosmos SDK-based architecture, seeks to decentralize the VPN Industry. Sentinel aims to offer affordable privacy and free access to the internet to everyone on the planet. The protocol hopes to achieve this mission by creating a thriving ecosystem of autonomous dVPNs organizations with zero entry barriers for both users and providers. The protocol is an open-source, peer-to-peer bandwidth marketplace open to all users across the globe who are to connect to any of the provably secure dVPN applications built on the Sentinel network. Through the protocol, individuals can earn additional income by offering bandwidth to the marketplace.

Srinivas Baride, CTO of Exidio, a development arm that builds tooling on the Sentinel network, added:

“We address the issue of censorship resistance dVPNs and are delighted to combine with Panther to provide privacy for assets moving on these ecosystems. We look forward to being able to distribute private solutions built using Panther Technology to our enterprise clients and customers.”

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