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NFT Heroes Announce Release of Remaining Heroes Plus Rare and Legendary Upgrade Cards ( News)

PRESS RELEASE. At the end of August, the new NFT avatar collection known as SIDUS: NFT Heroes released its first batch of characters – in just 10 minutes, the entire batch had sold out! The release of the remaining characters from the collection is scheduled for September 10th at 4:00 am UTC. The team has also announced that the Rare and Legendary upgrade cards needed to modify an NFT Hero to Rare and Legendary status will be launched on the same day.

I Want an NFT Hero – How Do I Get One?

The public sale for the remaining NFT Heroes starts on September 10th at 4:00 am UTC, on the NFT Heroes website. The price for 1 NFT Hero is the same as before – 0.055 ETH. The remaining Heroes will come with new features and physical traits. After the whole collection of Original NFT Heroes is minted, users will be able to learn the precise percentage of their Hero’s rarity.

On the same day, September 10th, SIDUS will be presenting its Rare and Legendary upgrade cards. The upgrade cards are to be used in the Galaxy Modification process to transform the users’ Heroes to Rare and Legendary status. The higher rarity NFT Heroes will entitle their holders to more benefits in the SIDUS community.

The public sale will be preceded with a number of events – a LIVE AMA session with the CEO of the project Dan Khomenko talking about the NFT Heroes roadmap, Hero traits, the Galaxy Modificator and other topics. Live events will be held on Clubhouse and Discord.

How the Galaxy Modificator Works and What Benefits the Upgrades Bring

NFT Heroes is a collection of 6,000 unique characters: 4,000 original, 1,000 Rare, 500 Legendary and 500 Partnership NFT Heroes. Only the Original Heroes are available for purchase since the rest are created using upgrade cards.

To upgrade to the Rare status, a user needs to buy 1 Rare upgrade card and have an Original NFT Hero. To become part of the Legendary squad, the user needs to collect 3 Legendary upgrade cards and have an Original NFT Hero. The total supply of Rare upgrade cards is 1,000, costing 0.1 ETH each. The total supply of Legendary upgrade cards is 1,500 and their price tag is 0.2 ETH per card. Each upgrade card can be used only once. After the modification process, the user ends up with 2 NFTs – their Original NFT Hero and the upgraded, higher status one.

Rare and Legendary upgrade cards will be available for purchase from September 10th and the modification process will start later this month. The SIDUS team will announce the exact date and time soon.

SIDUS will also soon be launching Galaxy Staking – an NFT yield farming service. For staking NFT Heroes, users will be rewarded with NFTS tokens, which is the native token of the NFT marketplace NFT STARS. These tokens can later be used as an in-game coin. That way, without any additional investment, users will be able to fund their future adventures inside the SIDUS universe.

Galaxy Staking will offer three tiers of yield farming: Original, Rare and Legendary. The higher the rarity of the NFT Hero staked, the bigger the reward for its holder will be. This is where the Rare and Legendary status comes into play!

Plans for Future Developments to the SIDUS Universe

SIDUS: NFT Heroes is a unique NFT project that starts as an NFT avatar collection and unfolds into an NFT universe with a variety of products and services. The project will present its users with multiple earning opportunities besides Galaxy Staking, e.g. royalties, an NFT wrapping feature and eventually a gaming DAO metaverse. In time, each NFT Hero can be transformed into a gaming character in the SIDUS play-to-earn game. NFT Heroes lore leaves a lot of room for imagination and future gaming scenarios. The company behind the collection calls the futuristic SIDUS game – blockchain’s alternative to famous fighting games like Mortal Kombat, Killer Instinct and Jump Force.


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