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Home » News » New Dog-themed Memecoin Shiba Memu reports strong demand for its presale, raising almost $800k in nine days (Zycrypto)

New Dog-themed Memecoin Shiba Memu reports strong demand for its presale, raising almost $800k in nine days (Zycrypto)

Shiba Memu is a brand-new meme coin with a dog theme that has shown significant demand, raising nearly $800,000 in just nine days. Prior to the formal opening of the meme coin, a total of $798,000 worth of SHMU tokens had been purchased.

The project’s main goal is to produce a coin that can sell itself by fusing advanced memetics and AI. The cost of the coin will rise every 24 hours over the eight-week-long presale period up until its final launch on several exchanges. On the official website, SHMU tokens are presently available for purchase.

Using AI to develop its marketing, Shiba Memu hopes to take the lead by taking over the tasks of many firms in real time and eventually dominating the crypto marketing space. The currency was initially priced at $0.011125 on the first day of the presale and will rise in value by $0.000225 each day until launch.

The price of SHMU tokens increased by 16.18% from day one to day nine. By day 21, there will be a 41% increase planned, and by day 60, when the presale ends, the SHMU token will cost 119.3% more than it did at debut.

Shiba Memu’s roadmap is focused on using AI technologies to upend a well-established market. Its AI will study effective marketing techniques, craft its PR, and advertise on pertinent forums and social media platforms. Based on the data that its AI is always analyzing, Shiba Memu will be able to create content and disseminate it on many internet channels. To further maximize results, it will continuously learn from and improve its content while tracking and analyzing the effectiveness of its marketing initiatives.

The platform’s autonomous nature removes humans from content marketing initiatives, cutting down on delays and labour-intensive chores. Shiba Memu will also be extremely low maintenance, just like a regular dog.

An elite blockchain auditor, CertiK, has given Shiba Memu their seal of approval, assuring users that the project’s code and specifications have been examined and that the Shiba Memu team has successfully completed a KYC procedure, further establishing the project’s credibility. Holders of SHMU tokens will also be able to bet their currency to obtain more SHMU tokens.

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