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Mojiolaoluwa Seun Salisu Leads Fintech Revolution In Africa Through His Mojiola Blockchain (Zycrypto)

Mojiolaoluwa Seun Salisu is leading the fintech revolution in Africa through his Web3 ecosystem, the Mojiola Blockchain Network. 

Through his IT venture, RD Group, Seun is harnessing blockchain technology to create an ecosystem that will help the unbanked and underbanked community in Africa get financial services, creating a better economic landscape for the continent.

Established as a conglomerate of top tech firms, RD Group seeks to address the pressing issues facing modern global society with Africa as the starting point. By design, the Mojiola Blockchain network will enhance security, stability, and clarity for businesses across the globe. 

RD Group has created an all-inclusive ecosystem with a secure and fact-in-market platform called Mojiola Blockchain, a native token, JIOLA Coin, and Sumato Exchange, a decentralized crypto exchange. Other features include a crypto banking platform called Tranzfa and Hello Cannabiz, a B2B/B2C platform for medical and recreational organic medicine marketplace.

Mojiola is set to be launched in Q3 2023. When launched, Mojiola will boast of lighting fast transactions, cheap transactions, easy to use, and enhanced security with a hybrid consensus. Seun envisions a future where everyone can access financial tools and is more empowered than ever. In addition to financial inclusion, Seun hopes the African market can leverage Majiola for supply chain management. Producers and manufacturers will profit from end-to-end traceability and transparency, preventing fraud and inefficiencies while promoting the authenticity and quality of goods. The Mojiola blockchain could also help with Land title registration, voting, social impact project, and the identification verification process. 

Mojiolaoluwa Seun Salisu is a visionary entrepreneur with a vision for a decentralized, secure network that will shape the future of global economics. Seun has been relentless in his pursuit of creating a better future for Africa, filled with incredible opportunities for growth and process. He hopes his works provide Africans with a fair share of opportunities. 

Seun leads by example and grooms people around him with the same vision. In the last couple of years, Seun has poured a lot of investments into identifying talented individuals that share his commitment and values of innovation. Mr. Mojiolaoluwa has also created a healthy workplace that encourages creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.

Away from the workspace, Mr. Mojiolaoluwa is a devoted father who enjoys watching movies with his kids. He also enjoys being on the golf course in his spare time. Ultimately, Seun hopes his contributions help create a better financial space for future generations. 

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