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Magic Square (Airdrop Alert)

Magic Square welcomes you to embark on an Epic Quest with the Zealy Campaign!

Engage, participate, and seize the opportunity to claim your share from the extraordinary 1,000,000 $SQR prize pool. Join now and let the enchantment begin!

About Magic Square

Magic Square is the first Crypto App Store in the world, revolutionizing the market with its cutting-edge platform exclusively designed for the ÐApps ecosystem. At its core is the Magic Store, which showcases a comprehensive and curated selection of Web3 Blockchain Apps and Games, featuring incredibly lucrative Use2Earn features and exclusive Hot Offers to access special promotions and discounts.

Magic Square is backed by industry titans such as Binance Labs, Republic Captial, Capital, KuCoin Labs, Huobi Ventures, Labs, GSR, DaoMaker, IQ Protocol, and more.

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