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Liberty Finance x Gather (Airdrop Alert)

Calling all Gather blockchain enthusiasts, mark your calendars! Liberty Finance has announced a massive Airdrop event for $GTH holders and Testnet participants. With a total prize pool worth $1,800,000, this is an opportunity not to be missed! The Airdrop consists of 65,900,000 $LIBX tokens, with 41,187,500 $LIBX tokens set aside for $GTH holders and 24,712,500 $LIBX tokens for Testnet participants.

Starting March 20, 2023, bi-weekly snapshots will be taken to determine wallet holdings. The Airdrop will occur in June 2023, and the reward percentage will decrease each week leading up to the Airdrop date. So, stack your tokens and prepare your wallets to maximize your rewards. Join the excitement and be a part of the $LIBX token Airdrop!

About Liberty Finance & Gather

Liberty Finance is a pioneering decentralized exchange (DEX) that aims to bridge the gap between traditional and digital economies. With its strong emphasis on ethical and transparent practices, Liberty Finance offers a secure and convenient way to off-ramp crypto-assets to fiat currency, an essential feature for the future of decentralized exchanges. The team’s Manifesto outlines their vision and mission, emphasizing the importance of easy and safe access to funds.

One of the unique aspects of Liberty Finance is its commitment to Shariah Finance principles. While these principles may seem irrelevant to non-Islamic investors, they actually provide benefits that extend beyond the Islamic community. Shariah Finance ensures that funds are invested responsibly and ethically, creating a secure trading environment for all users. This approach opens up a wealth of investment opportunities and helps create a transparent and safe crypto trading environment.

Gather is a new type of business model that allows publishers to monetize their websites and mobile applications without relying on intrusive ads. It is built on a state-of-the-art, three-layered ecosystem, comprising Gather Online (hardware layer), Gather Network (protocol layer), and Gather Cloud (application layer). By collecting processing power from publishers, Gather provides affordable and reliable processing power to businesses and developers. Gather rewards ecosystem builders with grants from its treasury and has a separate entity, the Gather Foundation, which oversees this process.

The ecosystem is powered by the $GTH coin, and stakeholders are incentivized to generate revenue by providing processing power and maintaining network security. The ecosystem also includes a web-staking wallet, masternodes, and merged mining, providing better profitability for web miners, reducing centralization, and fostering mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.

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