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Ledger to push for open-source transparency to quell Ledger Recover fears (Cryptoslate)

In light of the recent community reactions to the Ledger Recover service announcement, the Ledger team recently hosted a Twitter space to address questions and concerns, laying out their plans to remedy contentious issues.

The discussion in the space revolved around the push for more transparency in the form of open-source code, software verifiability, and better communication of the product’s goals and features.

Ledger CEO Pascal Gauthier reiterated the company’s commitment to security and their history of designing secure hardware wallets.

“I want to reiterate the fact that whatever Ledger does today, yesterday, today, tomorrow, the product will always be as secure as [possible], and we don’t compromise on security.”

With that in mind, Gauthier acknowledged how important ease of use is for Ledger users, with an ongoing focus on self-custody and engagement with various crypto communities.

The highlight of the discussion came when Ledger’s Chief Technology Officer Charles Guillemet provided a comprehensive overview of Ledger’s open-source roadmap in response to users’ demands for the company to make more of its code verifiable.

Guillemet admitted to being surprised by the community’s reactions but noted, “One of the big questions was how we can trust the code, and so the straightforward answer is to provide our users with all the tools, all the information to be able to verify.”

Currently, most of Ledger’s code base is open source, but Guillemet announced plans to accelerate the open-source roadmap further.

The company aims to open source the white paper of the Ledger Recover protocol, enabling cryptography and security experts to review it and developers to build their own shard backup providers. Additionally, the firmware that implements the Ledger Recover functionality will be open-sourced, with Guillemet stating it is a requirement before releasing the feature to the public.

Ledger has made the decision to pause the release of their recovery service while they work on refactoring the code, prioritizing transparency and verifiability to address the community’s concerns.

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