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Launch of the SolsWipe Debit Card; Protocol Set for Expansion Through Strategic Partnerships (Zycrypto)

By releasing a cryptocurrency debit card, SolSwipe has taken a major step toward its ultimate goal of increasing the mainstream acceptance of cryptocurrency. Phantom is a Solana-based wallet optimized for decentralized finance (Defi) and non-fungible tokens; this debit card is the first to support Web3 reloading with Phantom (NFTs).

In addition to supporting major networks like SOL/USDC, Ethereum (ETH), and Binance Smart Chain, the debit card also has a user-friendly interface (BSC). Compared to other cryptocurrency debit cards, their fees are lower, and it is accepted in over 200 countries. SolSwipe’s revolutionary card can be used at any Visa-accepting merchant, virtual or physical, and at any Visa-enabled ATM.

Users will be able to load cryptocurrencies from their Metamask wallets, the Ethereum network, or the Binance Smart Chain onto their SolSwipe debit cards once multichain integration is fully operational. When you load cryptocurrency onto the card, it will instantly be converted to fiat currency.

The discounts on loading fees and other perks, which SolSwipe believes will bring a significant influx of traffic and volume to the Solana ecosystem, will require a SolSwipe NFT, which will be required of all users regardless of the chain.

Affiliates and white-labels are welcome to join SolSwipe’s network

Additionally, SolSwipe is looking to form white-label and affiliate partnerships with businesses that would like to provide SolSwipe debit cards to their customers and/or promote SolSwipe’s offerings. Partners in the affiliate program will have the option to create their affiliate links, allowing them to participate in the advertising and promotion of Solswipe debit cards. Any time a customer loads money onto their card using the affiliate’s link, the affiliate will receive a commission based on the amount loaded.

However, if you’re a Whitelabel Partner, you can work with SolSwipe to make your own debit card brand. SolSwipe will be able to provide front-end and back-end support for any of the supported chains at reasonable prices, saving customers the trouble of developing their system. There are currently three chains to choose from: SOL, ETH, and BSC. SolSwipe plans to expand into additional blockchains shortly.

To that end, SolSwipe is looking for financial backers and cooperative alliances

The SolSwipe protocol is seeking potential investors for a seed round of financing from the venture capital industry. The campaign’s primary objective is to amass additional resources for future advertising, promotion, and customer acquisition. The final stages of development have been reached for the SolSwipe product and features, and beta testers from around 15 countries are already putting the debit cards through their paces. The surplus funds will be used to broaden the availability and popularity of the SolSwipe debit card.

If you want a SolSwipe debit card, you can only get one from the company’s website. Customers must complete the bank’s Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure to receive the card. SolSwipe will not have access to the user’s banking information after the user has provided it to the bank. Once their identity has been confirmed, the cardholder will receive a new debit card in the mail. The project’s website provides instructions on acquiring a SolSwipe card.

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