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KENKA METAVERSE (KENKA) Listed On Cryptocurrency Trading Platform MEXC (Zycrypto)

On November 1 at 12:00 (UTC), MEXC Global will list KENKA METAVERSE, allowing users to trade the platform’s native token, KENKA, against the US dollar.

Based on the popular mobile game KENKADO (which has over 3 million downloads), KENKA METAVERSE is a blockchain adaptation of the original game with new characters and a different world. To acquire “brothers,” the game’s term for gang members, honor, gold (tokens), and much more, players must train their characters and win battles.

There is only one play, and the protagonists are Shatei and Shima.

Allies and teammates in this game are referred to as “Shatei.” The Shatei’s ability to help its users by working out, running, and guarding the “Shima” is just one example of how useful it can be. The land is called Shima and plays many different roles in the game, such as a gym, an arena, a betting house, and a market. You can buy and sell land, brothers, and other game items in NFT. Players can take part in a more robust community than in standard games by pooling their resources, forming guilds with other players, and working together.

You can divide the KENKA METAVERSE community into four subsets based on your play style: The “Entertainers,” the Guild Masters and other players, and the “Enthusiasts,” who are the followers and other gamers. In-game tokens can be earned by users who contribute to the game by amusing other players. Those who play solely for the fun of it can make regular in-game purchases or use their points for any other kind of payout.

NFT have been issued and a contract has been signed between Asuka Kirara and KENKA. Also, the second NFT will be released soon. Additionally, MIKURU ASAKURA, a professional Japanese fighter, has agreed to represent Kenka as an ambassador.

Japanese developers who have worked on smash hits like Attack on Titan are behind the game. Atsushi Okada, a manga artist, is responsible for the current character designs and backgrounds (worldview images). The development team is based on a subsidiary of a large, publicly traded Japanese firm, SNS-ENTERTAINMENT. Kenka’s team includes people with deep ties to Japan’s anime and music industries, opening up opportunities for the company to work with others on projects that draw from various intellectual properties.

The available data suggests that MEXC is among the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Among the primary offerings are spot trading, leveraged ETFs, futures, the NFT Index, and so on. With daily transaction volumes of over $1,500, MEXC is the most liquid of the top 50 cryptocurrencies.

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