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Home » News » Jellyverse Unveils $2 Million Seed Funding Round, Plans to Build DeFi 3.0 with Innovative Protocols (Zycrypto)

Jellyverse Unveils $2 Million Seed Funding Round, Plans to Build DeFi 3.0 with Innovative Protocols (Zycrypto)

Jelly Labs AG and Fintonomy LTD, the masterminds behind the DeFiChain Accelerator and the initial protocols for Jellyverse, have announced today that they have successfully achieved up to $2 million in seed funding from private investors.

Following an unrelenting mission to usher crypto users into the era of DeFi 3.0, this funding injection is earmarked for propelling the development of Jellyverse, a revolutionary platform for advanced decentralized financial services built on the innovative DeFiMetaChain.

While the DeFi sector has excelled in digital token interaction, Jellyverse seeks to bridge the gap by integrating real-world assets into its offerings. The platform focuses on combining real-world price feeds with advanced decentralized financial applications.

Jellyverse Rolls Out Unique Features and Offerings

Jellyverse boasts an array of products, including decentralized portfolios, bonds, lending, and sophisticated staking alternatives. The platform operates on DeFiMetaChain, an EVM-compatible Layer-2 that enhances interoperability with various blockchains, offering cost-effectiveness through lower gas fees than Ethereum.

One notable addition to Jellyverse protocols is the introduction of jAssets. This community-built token allows users to gain price exposure to real-world assets in a fully decentralized manner. These assets, loosely tied to the prices of stocks or commodities, add a novel dimension to decentralized assets.

Furthermore, Jellyverse introduces cutting-edge offerings such as JellySwap, a decentralized exchange and portfolio manager; JellyStake, a decentralized staking protocol, jUSD, a stablecoin based on tested stability mechanisms; and jAssets, user-generated tokens backed by cryptocurrencies reflecting real-time prices of traditional financial markets.

The platform operates under an on-chain decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), where developers utilize decentralized governance, and the community contributes legal frameworks, guidance, marketing, and fundraising. The native governance and revenue share token, JLY, empowers users to vote on strategic decisions across Jellyverse protocols, with a share of transaction fees distributed to JLY token stakers.

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