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How to Buy Secure Bitcoin: Swiss Storage SIMBA Launched the Sale of BTC from VISA and Mastercard Bank Cards

We know the challenges facing the average person when investing in Bitcoin. They commonly steer around purchasing digital gold, as they are intimidated by the possible loss of their BTC in a blink due to simple negligence or a hacker attack.

The CEO of SIMBA Storage Anton Katin said, “It’s not secure and it’s just numbers” – this is what we constantly encounter from those who want to invest in Bitcoin.

SIMBA Storage is a company that offers cold custodian storage of Bitcoin to its users in four storage bins: Switzerland, Liechtenstein, UAE and New Zealand.

“We went ahead, towards elaborating and simplifying the processes of investing in Bitcoin. Now everyone can buy already “secure” Bitcoin inside our storage straight from a bank card and they do not need to be concerned about additional commissions when transferring from exchanges, purchasing cold wallets, understanding the work of their interfaces

Imagine that you went to a Swiss bank and bought gold from them, and left it there for storage. In the case of our storage, it is only simpler, and the gold is innovative, digital”. – the SIMBA team assures.

An ever-growing number of blockchain companies are striving to open up the possibilities of blockchain and cryptocurrencies for absolutely any person, mass adoption, and, as a result, attract more capitalization. Buying cryptocurrency on unlicensed exchangers and even the largest exchanges does not guarantee the reliability of the transaction, which also discourages people from investing in cryptocurrency.

Buying Bitcoin directly with Visa or Mastercard inside the vault has become possible, thanks to partners who have the right to exchange European standard cryptocurrencies in London (FCA). You can legally buy anywhere between $200 (0.006BTC) to $30,000 (for verified account) worth secured Bitcoin per month in a legal way on the storage site

The provider commission on SIMBA Storage is 4-5% and covers an open and legal exchange of currency for the BTC cryptocurrency.

SIMBA Storage has established a unique system through which you no longer have to be concerned about losing your seed phrase. The company provides users with a secure KYC procedure, after passing which they can always get access to their funds even if they lose their secret backup phrase. The storage therefore combines the security of cold storage, convenient interface, and the ability to recover its funds, which is not possible with storage on hardware keys.

The storage of bitcoins in SIMBA itself is distinguished by its development and concern for security, and diversification is everywhere: from finding access keys to the storage, to the location of the storage units themselves. In order to withdraw bitcoins from the storage, you need to collect all the signatures (keys) stored by various trusted holders in different countries.

Not only the convenience of purchasing and storing is developing thanks to innovative blockchain companies, but also the important issue of using cryptocurrency in the everyday environment of every person. The SIMBA storage plans to release their cryptocurrency cards and have already provided the possibility of pre-ordering them on their website so that each user can freely dispose of their funds in everyday life while keeping them in cold storage facilities.

How? SIMBA releases their liquid stablecoin on the ERC-20 network backed by Bitcoin in storage, 1 SIMBA = 1 Satoshi Bitcoin. Each time Bitcoin is sent by a user to the storage, the storage smart contract issues SIMBA Stablecoins for an equivalent amount and sends it to the ETH wallet, the user can freely dispose of his bitcoins in the ERC-20 network, incl. make purchases, payments and various transfers while his Bitcoins are in cold storage.

While addressing the problems impeding a person’s investment in Bitcoin, a growing number of people will look towards cryptocurrency, which is both a high-yield tool and one of the easiest for an average user to invest.

Only five years ago, almost no one looked towards cryptocurrencies due to the inconvenience and misunderstanding of interfaces for interaction. The market gained scale based only on the infrastructure that grew around it, allowing it to conveniently interact with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

The SIMBA team believes, “Through enhancing the ease of use and simplicity of interaction with cryptocurrency, we increase the interest of all mankind in favor of cryptocurrencies and strengthen their position on the world stage”.

You can buy Bitcoin on the SIMBA website after registering and going through the identity verification procedure:

SIMBA Storage encourages all cryptocurrency investors to be careful and attentive when choosing a platform for acquiring assets.

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