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How Socrates is Empowering Users to Get Rewarded for Debating (Cryptoticker)

Socrates is a global web3 social media and entertainment platform on multiple blockchains, where users earn rewards through multiple-choice Q&As, debating, and knowledge sharing. Launched publicly last month, the platform targets wisdom seekers and web3 users, aiming to empower individuals to share their unique vision and form like-minded communities.

In the dynamic realm of web3 social media, Socrates integrates the best elements of GameFi and SocialFi, offering more than just interactions; it rewards users.

What is Socrates?

Firstly, this design incorporates elements of GameFi, embracing the “Play to Earn” concept. On Socrates, users have the opportunity to have fun, interactive experiences that spark conversations and convert into tangible rewards. This mechanism incentivises users to actively participate in various activities, such as creating multiple-choice Q&As, voting, commenting, liking, and more. It enhances the user’s interactive experience and provides an additional avenue for earning rewards.

Secondly, Socrates’ design aligns with the SocialFi concept, encouraging interactions between diverse users globally. This setup fosters community cohesion within a decentralised network, promoting an open, free knowledge-sharing culture. The immutable and decentralised nature of blockchain safeguards users’ questions and responses on Socrates, enhancing the authenticity of the social platform.

Importantly, points earned on Socrates carry real value, redeemable at a 1:1 ratio for USDT. This ensures that user engagement on the platform goes beyond mere gaming and socialising, providing opportunities for incentives and creating a more enriching user ecosystem.

Unique Prizes for Question Creators and Active Participants

As a SocialFi platform, Socrates bridges social and financial elements, introducing five prizes—the Question Creator Prize, Discussion Prize, Likes Prize, Reason Prize, and Support Prize. The creative algorithms behind the prizes encourage users to engage by creating questions, voting, liking reasons, writing explanations, and so on.  The more involvement in questions and answers, the greater the chance of being eligible to win a prize. This approach aligns with Socrates’ mission — to encourage spirited debate, convincing arguments, and genuine engagement.

Expanding on the concept of user engagement, Socrates has introduced another exciting feature—the bonus package. This feature allows users to attach a bonus package of points to questions, where voters can try to claim these bonuses whilst casting a vote. The design adds an extra layer of incentive for participants to join the discussion and potentially earn rewards. 

As the entire social platform becomes more lively with increased participation and interactive voting, the overall question prize pool significantly grows. This dynamic ecosystem presents an exciting incentive for both question askers and answer contributors. Therefore, we encourage users to invite more friends to join this platform, enjoy the pleasure of debating, and reap rewards.

Since launch, the total prize pool of some questions has amassed over 3000 points, highlighting the platform’s rewarding nature. Notable influencer and crypto platforms have also joined Socrates, leveraging the platform to pose thought-provoking questions relevant to their interests and audiences, and share their valuable and diverse perspectives. 

Understanding the specifics of the different rewards available and how to earn them allows users to maximise their chances of receiving recognition. Detailed algorithms are outlined in our whitepaper, and our Medium blog provides many tips and tricks on earning these rewards. 

5 Ways to Earn Greater Rewards on Socrates

Socrates is an intuitive and user-friendly platform, yet despite its simplicity, by implementing these strategies users can earn larger rewards:

1. Creating thought-provoking questions

Creating questions that drive meaningful discussion is key to secure the Creator Prize. Focusing on newsworthy and highly-discussed topics around the world enhances the question’s visibility on Socrates and opens up opportunities for users to receive additional trending bonuses and share a larger prize pool. Additionally, a strategic approach involves experimenting with a diverse range of topics. By tapping into various subject areas, users can capture the interest of a broader audience, meaning more people are likely to interact and contribute to the prize pool that a user’s Creator Prize will share from.

2. Follow the trending topics

Engaging with trending topics is another way to maximise your rewards. While participating in trending questions doesn’t guarantee users will win the Discussion Prize since eligibility is influenced by the answers selected and timing, the larger prize pool associated with trending questions provides an opportunity for substantial rewards if users do win the prize. By actively voting for trending topics, if eligible, you have a chance to receive a significant share of the Discussion Prize. Keep an eye on the trending questions and strategically participate to increase your chances of earning rewards.

3. Get an NFT Pen

All users must own a Pen to participate in the platform, but holding an NFT Pen through airdrops when purchasing an SBT Pen, or get one on OpenSea significantly boosts your earning potential. When calculating shares of the prize pool among eligible winners, possessing an NFT Pen ensures a larger share of the rewards. Furthermore, using NFT Pens to support common questions can increase the likelihood of these questions becoming trending discussions, providing users with the opportunity to win the Support Prize.

4. Follow active users on Socrates

On Socrates’ leaderboard, you can identify highly engaged users. By following them, users can easily discover interesting and trending questions they ask, or questions they interact with. This is an effective way for users to get exposed to new questions and expand their engagement within the community, thereby increasing their chances of winning rewards.

5. Invite friends to join the community:

Each Socrates user possesses a referral code. Encouraging friends to join the community not only earns them referral rewards but also fosters a livelier discussion atmosphere. Whether through offline or online channels, with an increasing number of friends joining the platform, community engagement becomes more dynamic, naturally boosting the prize pool of questions. 

Without the need for complex gaming strategies, Socrates invites everyone to engage in intuitive and meaningful debates, and effortlessly earn rewards.

Join the Socrates community online at, or download the app on Google Play and Testflight

Sign up now with the invitation code 8kbe8hsq or use the invitation link

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