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How Ojamu Predicts Optimal Strategies for Marketing Campaigns

In the highly competitive marketing industry, predicting trends and being one step ahead of your competition can be the key difference-maker in a campaign’s potential success. Many tried-and-tested campaign archetypes still exist and have been used by leading brands worldwide to market their products.

However, trends are changing quickly in modern times, and predicting them is becoming increasingly challenging as consumer preferences change alongside swings in brand sentiment. Due to this ever-evolving change in marketing trends, many marketers seek a new approach through data-driven insights that use AI to predict the most optimal strategies for campaign success.

Whilst past “proven” marketing strategies have proven to be successful, they can often fail to capture the full breadth of a potential market. The advent of AI-Driven MarTech (Marketing Technology) is now becoming increasingly popular due to its ability to predict emerging trends and address the issues traditional marketing tools face.

By using a vast number of data points and aggregated data, AI-driven solutions such as Ojamu can give marketers an instant edge over the competition.

Using AI to make more accurate predictions

The Ojamu platform utilizes the innovation of AI alongside Blockchain technology to extract the most valuable insights from consumer data and create specific, targeted marketing campaigns tailored to what is needed for a brand’s strategy to succeed.

Its market-leading solution is The Ojamu Intelligent Platform (OIP), an advanced range of toolsets that leverages AI-driven intelligence, real-time data and insights and the full breadth of Blockchain technologies to deliver high converting strategies for brands.

Ojamu uses a Neural Predictive Engine to provide the insights and power behind its prediction models. The AI-based engine works by analyzing the available collated data and then applies a series of novel prediction algorithms using proprietary AI toolsets to predict prominent and emerging trends.

Key data points that are used include the product type, distribution channels, prospective audiences and the type of content. This data is merged into a “roadmap” format in the form of an NFT that predicts the most optimal strategies for any chosen campaign type across any industry vertical.

Using this broad spectrum of data combined with the data available through open markets and consumer data means that the AI can predict the most accurate, specifically tailored campaigns with the highest probability of success.

Using AI-based toolsets vastly improves your marketing performance and provides far greater accuracy than previous methods. Additionally, Ojamu’s Blockchain technologies allow the solution to analyze and dissect large quantities of data and convert it into a concise, high-level strategy for any campaign.

The Blockchain and AI toolsets work synchronously to discover the data points that will excel in your chosen strategy and output predictions based on the likely success of the campaign.

Leveraging NFT technology

Ojamu leverages the emergence of NFT technology throughout their solution to provide brands with access to Ojamu’s array of proprietary AI toolsets. The NFTs act as an “access pass” that grants users access to the Ojamu platform and serves as the delivery method for the AI-driven predictions.

The access pass provides consumers with a gateway to previously unexplored vertical data points and further insights into upcoming trends and the predictive success rates of a specific campaign.

NFTs bring an inherent uniqueness to marketing campaigns as they are used to “unlock” the gated data provided by the predictions, meaning they can only be minted and created once. This method enables Ojamu to provide unique, bespoke predictions for marketers that outline the most promising, successful strategies.

Being one of the first platforms to combine Blockchains, NFTs and AI, Ojamu is now firmly placed at the forefront of marketing innovation. The intelligent application of the trio means the solution can provide better predictions and greatly enhance the success of global marketers, all through the advent and predictive power of AI-driven data insights.

Ojamu leverages the power of Blockchain, AI, and NFTs to elevate and streamline your marketing, media, and influencer campaigns.

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