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How did I lose btc balance with ledger cold wallet? (Reddit Bitcoin)

Hi all,

So I am using a ledger nano x to store some of my stats. Let’s say I had 0.8 btc on my ledger this morning.

Then I tried to use the ledger live software’s “experimental features” to connect to my own umbrel bitcoin node earlier today. At the last step, the ledger liver software asked me to download another software to connect to my bitcoin node. I wasn’t comfortable doing that so I completed the step without downloading software.

After that, I could not connect to the bitcoin node anymore. So I thought I revert back to the original ledger node. It asked me if I want to delete connection, I said yes. After that, the btc account is gone so I reconnected the ledger device to reconnect the bitcoin account.

After all that, now the new balance after the reconnection became 0.6 btc and 0.2 btc is gone.

I compared the new btc transfer history and old one I had downloaded before. I found that one transaction is now missing. I had used that address twice, sending 0.2 btc in first and then sent another 0.1 btc. It seems that the 0.1 btc is here but 0.2 btc transaction is gone. When I looked at the address on the explorer, it shows 0.3 btc.

I am wondering what had happened. Did I screw up anything? Did I lose any bitcoin?

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