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help me with my node configuration? (Reddit Bitcoin)


new to this, and running into some issues.

I have downloaded Bitcoin Core (pruned to 120gb) on a dedicated windows laptop on my home netowork (connected to the wifi).

I have sparrow running on my desktop, hard wired to my router.

my bitcoin.conf file looks like this:

rpcuser = username

rpcpassword = password



rpcbind=the ipv4 address shown here:


rpcallowip=the ipv4 address shown here:

server = 1


i go to sparrow –> file –> preferences –> server

click “bitcoin core”

paste in the ipv4 address shown here: ; port 8332

click “user/pass”

put in username and password above

everything else blank.

click “test connection”



Could not connect:

Connection refused: connect


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