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Guide to Linea Airdrop on Intract (Cryptoticker)

The Linea Voyage, hosted on the Intract platform, offers a unique blend of education and reward in the realm of decentralized finance (DeFi). This program is an opportunity to delve into the Linea ecosystem, earning rewards and gaining knowledge along the way.

Getting Started with Linea Airdrop

Understanding Linea Voyage XPs: These are soulbound tokens, non-transferrable, representing your contribution to the Linea ecosystem. You can view your XPs on the Linea Wave dashboard.

Earning Linea XPs: Complete tasks in the Linea Wave to earn XPs. Bonus XPs are awarded for maintaining a continuous quiz check-in streak on Intract. These XPs will later be converted to Soulbound Tokens (SBTs) at the end of the DeFi Voyage.

Wave 0 – Laying the Groundwork: This phase is crucial as it reintroduces core Web3 principles, essential for understanding blockchain and DeFi. It’s a foundational module for both beginners and those looking to solidify their existing knowledge.

Progressing Through Waves: Each wave, including Wave 1 with MetaMask, delves deeper into DeFi, focusing on self-custodial wallets, security, and practical tasks like bridging and swapping within MetaMask.

Detailed Steps for Participation to Linea Airdrop

Complete Various Tasks:

These include bridging and swapping on MetaMask. Specific requirements like minimum transaction amounts and supported chains are outlined in the tasks.

Engage with the Community:

Stay connected with Intract’s community channels for updates, support, and interaction with other DeFi enthusiasts.

Earn and Utilize Gems:

Gems, the virtual currency within Intract, can be earned through referrals and quest completions. They offer access to premium features and potential future governance roles.

Leaderboard Challenges:

Regular challenges on the platform reward top performers, incentivizing active and consistent participation.

#Linea Wave 7 – Step-by-Step Guide

Reward: 300 XP

Complete Task:

— CryptoAirdrop.lens (@CryptoBikash)

Claiming Rewards:

After completing tasks, claim your Linea XPs by clicking the ‘Claim‘ button. These rewards are distributed every Tuesday.

Referral Program:

Invite friends to join the Linea Voyage. You earn a percentage of the points they accumulate, plus additional points for their referrals. Use our Refferal Link and Join Our Voyage!

Tips for Maximizing Linea Airdrop Rewards

Maintain Consistency: Regular participation and maintaining check-in streaks are key to earning more XPs and gems.

Active Community Participation: Engaging in community discussions and staying updated with Intract’s channels can provide additional insights and opportunities.

Understand the Tasks: Pay close attention to the requirements of each task to ensure you meet all criteria for earning XPs. There’s still 6 days left for this! Let’s Participate now and go high on Leaderboard rankings!


The Linea DeFi Voyage is an innovative approach to learning and earning in the DeFi space. By participating in this program, you not only enhance your understanding of DeFi but also contribute to the growth of the Linea ecosystem, all while earning valuable rewards.

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