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Global Issues & Privateum Solutions

Let’s have a look at the world’s biggest challenges, and how Privateum can be a pioneer in solving them.

Privacy Issues

‘’PRIVACY is one area where the market appears to have failed, at least to some extent. Many firms sell personal information without the subject’s knowledge or consent. An increasing number of websites providing notice and to a lesser extent an opt-out. Instead, we have consistently balanced the benefits of privacy protection against the costs of providing it. There are objectives which often conflict with privacy.’’

– Robert E. Litan

We have lost sight of what PRIVACY means because we are trapped in a global surveillance society.

Securing data in the current information age is one of the biggest concerns across all industries; however, the financial services industry is a primary target as it deals with a significant amount of confidential client and customer data for daily business transactions.

Financial service providers are now facing data breach risks not just from internal and external attacks, but also from unintentional mistakes.

In the light of current challenges, Privateum has created The First Legally Protected Private Assets Management System, where the members of  Privateum ecosystem have their assets and transactions managed on a secure and private network, that is to say, the network is operated under a legal umbrella.

Scams and Criminal Activities

Freedom comes with responsibilities. When we give freedom to do what everyone wants, it opens opportunities for criminals.

It is well known that Internet technology and the development of cyberspace have taken society to the next level of economic evolution.

It has no centralized governance in either technological implementation or policies for access and usage. It has no geographical or political boundaries and can be accessed from anywhere in the world from a multitude of devices.

While cyberspace has revolutionized nearly every aspect of daily living, it has also created a wealth of new opportunities for crime. Millions of people are now affected by online criminal behavior such as.

Cryptojacking – infiltrating systems to hijack computer power and mine for the crypto
51% attacks – infiltrating systems to get 51% access to public blockchain network clients to steal crypto from holders
ICO scams that fool thousands of people – 80% of ICOs are scams and $9 million is being lost each day because of cryptocurrency scams.

Whereas, Privateum’s Ghost Network™, which is based on ‘’consortium’’ blockchain technology, ensures that even if the network is hacked, attackers will not be able to control transaction data and perform fraud operations.

The network is authorized only for the members of Privateum that have well-established relationships with legal entities (Partners of Privateum Ecosystem).

Global Economic Crisis

It’s impossible to confront personal, economic, natural, marketing, innovation, and knowledge management challenges alone.

Privateum Initiative is based on the powerful idea that a group of people can achieve goals and overcome global challenges.

It is well known, while the global economy keeps getting more efficient and generating more value, most people are getting a smaller and smaller portion of it. Big corporations continuously swallow the world.

The investor-owned companies that dominate our economy are geared to maximizing shareholder value, more than pleasing customers, creating jobs, supporting communities, or benefitting societies and ecosystems.

Considering the current context, Privateum has adopted a community-based and sustainable business model, called a Cooperative Business Model, which aims to build a United Cooperative Financial Infrastructure to take the production power back from huge corporations.

It will provide Legal, Financial, Technological, and Innovative support to Privateum members to grow and expand their businesses globally.

Privateum Products and Services

–United we are stronger.

Privateum provides FREEDOM and  PRIVACY in a protected ecosystem.

Its blockchain-based solution is protected with KYB and KYC products. Where the legal partners verify each member or business partner before giving them access to the platform.

Privateum platform provides the following solutions:

Legal umbrella from illegal invasions for our cooperative members and business partners
Cooperative members asset exchange, without any taxes or transaction fees
Members’ subscriptions for local goods and services to support local business partners
Global business expansion within our trustworthy partners’ network
Technological, innovative, and financing support programs for our partners’ business growth
Investment opportunities from our asset management programs
Opportunity to get shares from our cooperative profit

Cooperatives contributed to the public finances a higher percentage of the value they generated than shareholder corporations did.

It is crucial that we think and speak clearly about privacy because the way we think about it today will inform how it is enshrined in legislation, policies, textbooks, and technologies tomorrow.

Start designing your secure future in present – PRIVATEUM

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