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Glip Teams Up With Prominent Web2 Studios To Further Develop Web3 Gaming (Zycrypto)

Glip, the leading Web3 game discovery app, has reached 1 million created wallets and over 100,000 onboarded users for web3 games in just three months. More than 50,000 verified earners were also reported by the app, indicating a high demand for Web3 gaming.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for the Web3 gaming industry to attract genuine players rather than just speculators. Furthermore, existing Web2 platforms do not support crypto advertisements, and the play-to-earn scholarship model sees low interest during bear markets.

Glip recognized these limitations early on and set out to improve the visibility and accessibility of Web3 games. By the end of Q4 2022, the platform had seen over 1 million wallets generated within its ecosystem, proving its viability and success.

It’s important to note that these are not fake accounts; they have been set up by serious players interested in learning more about play-to-win systems. Over the past three months, Glip has directed over a hundred thousand users to fresh Web3 titles; roughly half have become paying customers thanks to their gaming prowess.

Glip’s increasing popularity can be attributed to a number of factors. To begin with, the best Web3 game developers and publishers, like Axie Infinity, Netmarble, PlayDapp, Kakao Games, Neowiz, etc. are all partners of the platform. Second, it gives games new ways to build communities through things like social events, quests, and competitions.

“Glip has created one million unique gamer wallets in Q4 2022. Our community is learning to use exchanges, swaps, and NFT marketplaces with their earnings. Web3 games are unlocking new economic opportunities & enabling DeFi literacy for millions of young people across the world, and we are super excited to accelerate this revolution.” – Glip Founder & COO Ishan Shrivastava.

The new additions provide a welcome change of pace from the academic-focused ones. Scholarships are a major part of pay-to-play (P2P) gaming, but they’re not as popular when the cryptocurrency market is down. As a result, Web3 games have shifted to free-to-play models to appeal to actual gamers as opposed to speculators, as the value of game tokens and NFTs has decreased.

Using Glip’s method of Questing, developers of Web3 games can more easily draw in serious players. In-game achievements can serve as the basis for quests that award cryptocurrency as a reward. As more and more popular gaming communities adopt and utilize this system, the model is gaining traction. Organizations like YGG, GuildFi, and Avocado DAO use Questing to energize their communities, create new marketplaces, and encourage gamers to try out a variety of Web3 games.

“My journey with gaming quests started with World of Warcraft. Now with Web3 games, gamers from any part of the world can earn crypto for completing quests. Glip has empowered 50k earners from emerging markets to date, and we are working closely with top studios to scale to millions in 2023.” – Glip Founder & CEO Parth Choudhary.

Glip’s solution is an innovative user acquisition model that provides incentives for users to experiment with Web3 games. In addition, they are rewarded for reaching certain goals, which guarantees a high level of dedication.

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