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Home » News » Gamified Decentralized Finance Platform DeFi Land Successfully Completes Its First Round Of Investment Valued At $4.1M (Zycrypto)

Gamified Decentralized Finance Platform DeFi Land Successfully Completes Its First Round Of Investment Valued At $4.1M (Zycrypto)

DeFi Land, a multi-chain agriculture simulation web game developed to gamify decentralized finance, has announced the completion of its first round of investing valued at $4.1 million. By turning investment opportunities into games, DeFi Land anticipates capturing the mindset of most crypto investors around the internet.

Moreover, the DeFi ecosystem has proved to be a lucrative venture in the crypto industry. Hereby the notable proliferation of institutional investors into the industry.

“Following the successful first round of investments, the team can look toward the future. The $4.1 million investment round brings forth financial support from over 40 investors, who are well-known and respected names in the crypto and blockchain industry. Participants include, but are not limited to, Animoca Brands, Alameda, Jump Capital, NGC Ventures, Solana Foundation,, MXC, Solar Eco Fund, Youbi Capital, et cetera,” the company explained through a press release.

The gaming industry has been the latest sector to take the crypto industry globally by storm. Several gaming platforms using blockchain technology and the crypto market have seen their native tokens skyrocket in the past few months. 

Brian Lee, VC at Alameda stated that: “Defliland is an incredible blend of the two most interesting things happening in crypto right now – gaming and defi. We believe that Defiland can be a real game-changer in getting casual gamers and the crypto retailers into defi”.

In addition to supporting the gaming industry through the crypto market, DeFi Land vows to venture into the non-fungible tokens industry. By introducing the NFTs, DeFi Land users can expect to play to earn. Through the NFTs, DeFi Land can guarantee users of a healthier market by injection of more liquidity in the market.

“Every NFT in this ecosystem represents a unique game object, including trees, buildings, tractors, and other farm-related objects. These gamified items introduce new opportunities to borrow or lend money, providing liquidity, reward farming, et cetera,” the company noted.

In a bid to remain competitive in a highly unpredictable crypto gaming market, DeFi Land has curved a roadmap to its future success. Notably, the team behind DeFi Land is reportedly finalizing the system integration with Serum and Raydium. Additionally, the platform intends to integrate with leading blockchains like Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain early next year. Later, DeFi Land plans to partner with other blockchain games to help bridge the gap between gamers from different platforms.

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