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FLIRT INVEST – Is It Real to Get +90% Monthly?

Not a long time ago, we published an article about Flirt Invest. After that we started getting a lot of messages from our readers asking us to check this company and their 3% daily profit. Today we are going to tell you whether the Flirt Invest is another scam project or a reasonable investment.

1) Registration

The company claims that it has been officially registered under the following number: 13326826. This information is easy to fact-check. The registration chamber of England provides publicly available information about all companies. You can go to the website of the registration chamber and search for a company with this number or name. As you’ll see, FLIRT INVEST GROUP LTD is registered under this exact number.

Registration address matches the address on the company’s website. Also at the Filling History tab we can check that they really have a capital statement for 1 million pounds. Judging only from this fact we can see that the company is not a scam, but we went on for further research. Not a single scam project will contribute the authorized capital, especially in this amount.

2) Address

We decided to go to the business center, where the company is located, and investigate their office.

The office is located almost in the center of London, and we can assume that the cost of real estate or even rent is extremely high. It is very unlikely that some questionable project would rent an office here, and even more so could get permission to register in such a place. The security confirmed that the company was registered here, however, unfortunately, it was not possible to get inside without obtaining a pass in advance.

3) Other things

Despite the fact that we didn’t have any doubts about the project, we still decided to make a deposit ourselves. The goal was to check the quality of the client support, the speed of payments, and generally check how everything works. We asked the support a couple of questions and received answers from support in about 5 minutes. We made a deposit in Ethereum and a few days later we decided to withdraw the first profit. After requesting a withdrawal, we received tokens within a couple of hours. To draw a conclusion, it looks like the project is a great investment opportunity. We will continue to follow the news of the project.

A piece of advice from us is to not invest all of your fortunes in one project, though. Be mindful and differentiate your investments.


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