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Exeno Report Suggests HODLers Ready to Make Purchases with Crypto (cryptopotato)

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A recent survey conducted by revealed that 65% of crypto-holding customers are now ready to make purchases with their coins. The survey found a majority of ‘HODLers’ would like to use Bitcoin, Ethereum and other popular cryptocurrencies to buy mainstream products, including real estate, cars, and electronic gadgets.

Exeno organized the survey to study crypto holdings and spending patterns of modern customers. The research was part of an effort to explore the role of cryptocurrency in people’s lives and identify what should be done to improve their online shopping experience. The survey was conducted between June and July 2021.

People are ready to buy products with crypto

Survey respondents were asked whether they would buy goods such as smartphones, tablets, computers, and game consoles with cryptocurrency. 65% of respondents said they were ready to buy these goods with their digital coins.

In terms of what they wished to purchase, 54% of respondents were open to using their crypto to buy real estate, 45% to buy cars, and 33% to acquire electronic gadgets. The survey revealed that buying luxurious, expensive things with crypto seemed to be a common strategy, potentially due to exchange rate fluctuations offering opportunities to make a purchase at a low price point.

Regarding the rationale for spending crypto, 21% of respondents said they would use their crypto for major purchases while 28% are considering using it as a regular payment method.

Barriers still prevent crypto shopping experience for many

Although 65% of the respondents are open to shopping with cryptocurrency, only 22% reported doing so. The discrepancy is largely due to the lack of merchants accepting such payments: 36% of respondents pointed to popular stores not honoring crypto, 24% were apprehensive about the complexity of the procedure, 19% were wary of unfavorable exchange rates, and 14% wary of high commissions.

Despite certain barriers still being an issue, the survey results show a clear upward trend in the popularity of cryptocurrencies as a payment method. Exeno verifies this potential by witnessing a growing number of cryptocurrency transactions on their platform each day.

About Exeno is an innovative online store that allows customers to pay for selected goods with Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT and the novice-friendly Bitcoin Vault, with no fiat conversions or charges. With the Exeno platform, crypto HODLers from anywhere around the world can use their digital currency to quickly and securely purchase popular products ranging from electronics, cosmetics, and sports accessories to travel gear.

Use of digital currencies in transactions on the Exeno platform is not only fast but extremely safe. For those who plan on doing a lot of shopping, Exeno’s low transaction fees are an additional advantage the platform offers over comparable online shopping experiences.

Exeno was founded in 2020 in Tallin, Estonia, with the platform beginning operations in February 2021. The offices of the operator are based in the EU (Warsaw, Poland).

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