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Delysium (Airdrop Alert)

@The_Delysium End of Year Campaign is a riveting spree with $125,000 in rewards, where daily quests unlock Mystery Boxes brimming with $USDT, $AGI, Loyalty Points, exclusive merchandise, coveted physical items like PS5s, cold wallets and other crypto-related physical items.

Mystery Box holders are in for a treat with special added perks, setting the stage for an epic close to the year. Test your luck and win EPIC prizes​​​​​​!

About Delysium

Delysium emerges as a beacon of progress and innovation, merging the power of blockchain with the versatility of artificial intelligence to craft an unprecedented gaming realm. It offers an ever-evolving ecosystem where players’ actions and decisions shape the adventure, providing a glimpse into a new era of digital engagement.

Delysium forges a new reality where technology enhances deep narratives and real connections. It’s a realm of endless interactive potential, charting a future filled with immersive experiences.

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