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BLOCX. Unifies Web2 and Web3 Tools Under A Single Suite, Offering An All-in-One Computer Manager (Zycrypto)

The all-inclusive digital computing platform BLOCX. today unveiled a number of noteworthy enhancements along with an ambitious agenda for the future. With BLOCX, an all-in-one computer manager replaces the need for various software applications for daily computing demands. It is the first of its type in the industry, unifying web2 and web3 technologies under a single suite.

With the release of its V1.0 Desktop Production on Windows, the platform has accomplished several noteworthy milestones. Important features like malware protection with Full, Quick, and Custom Scans, a System Optimizer in the Device Health Section, a flexible password vault with account and free versions, and a non-custodial crypto wallet are all integrated into this first version.

Looking ahead, the user experience will be improved with the impending BLOCX. Desktop V1.2 release, which is slated for early next month. In this update, an AI Section will be included, enabling users to ask their own AI a variety of questions, including ones pertaining to cryptocurrency. With Remote Access, customers will also be able to login to their computers or devices from any location and use the mouse, keyboard, and file transfer features. This release will also improve connectivity.

BLOCX.’s ambitious roadmap unfolds with a range of upcoming features: 

Internet Services: The inclusion of VPN and Safe browser will offer enhanced online privacy and security. 

Device Health Section: New additions like Afterburner, Driver Auto-update, and Battery Savery will further optimize device performance. 

Cloud Services: Users will have access to both a Decentralized Cloud, which can be rented out, and a Customized Cloud, allowing the amalgamation of various devices into a single cloud entity.

BLOCX. GPU and CPU Marketplace: This feature enables users to rent out unused computing power in exchange for BLOCX. rewards.

BLOCX. Storage: Users can rent out their customized cloud space, with rewards in BLOCX.

In addition to these developments, BLOCX. is preparing for its Desktop V1.2 release. Alongside this significant achievement, a Top 10 Exchange listing will follow at the very start of the coming month, March 2024. This listing is anticipated to enhance the platform’s visibility and accessibility to a broader audience.

Adding to these advancements, BLOCX. introduces B.TXT, also known as BLOCX.TEXT, a completely decentralized messenger without a central authority. This innovative software functions seamlessly within the BLOCX. suite and as a standalone application on mobile devices and web browsers. B.TXT empowers users to have complete control over their data. 

This messenger service is further enhanced with a Swapping Functionality and Wallet, allowing users to send funds directly to contacts within the chat, seamlessly blending communication with financial transactions. 

The Webwallet upgrade includes integration with Ethereum Mainnet and Binance Smart Chain, supporting both ETH and USDT. It also features Automated Masternode creation and management, simplifying the user experience.

A key aspect of BLOCX.’s platform is its commitment to decentralization. The platform operates without data collection, connecting directly with users’ wallets, ensuring that all data remains private and secure. To access BLOCX.’s comprehensive suite of tools, users need a minimum of 100 BLOCX. credited to their account.

BLOCX.’s ecosystem is underpinned by the X11 algorithm, ensuring network security and energy efficiency. The platform’s masternodes play a crucial role in both validating transactions and participating in decentralized governance, enhancing platform integrity and user involvement.

Garry Hopper, Founder and Project Manager of BLOCX., states, “Our vision with BLOCX. was always to create a platform that not only addresses the immediate digital needs of our users but also anticipates and adapts to future challenges. The upcoming V1.2 release and our roadmap for 2024 are testaments to this commitment, as we continue to innovate and provide a seamless, secure digital experience.”

About BLOCX.

BLOCX. is an innovative digital computing platform that redefines the way users interact with technology. Its comprehensive suite of features includes malware protection, cloud services, internet security, and digital asset management, making it an indispensable tool for both individual and business users. BLOCX. is committed to continuous innovation, ensuring its platform remains at the forefront of the digital computing revolution.

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