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Blocktrade Raised 5.6 Million EUR in Successful Token Sale as it Expands its Gamified Ecosystem (Cryptoticker)

Blocktrade, the gamified asset marketplace, has successfully concluded its Blocktrade Exchange Token (BTEX) sale. The sale garnered support from over 2,200 users spanning 46 countries and raised an impressive 5.6 million EUR worth of BTEX. Within the first 24 hours of public trading, the BTEX token doubled its initial listing price to 0.40 EUR. The milestone follows the launch of Blocktrade 3.0, a gamified universe that aims to drive crypto accessibility and adoption. 

Blocktrade, Built for the Modern User

Created to empower users through user education and engagement initiatives, Blocktrade is promoting the widespread adoption of digital assets. The user-focused platform enables the seamless buying and selling of cryptocurrencies with zero trading fees and a wide offer of digital assets, incorporating gaming elements in crypto trading.  

With the recent launch of Blocktrade 3.0, the platform was designed to captivate and engage a new generation of crypto enthusiasts. At the forefront of this enhanced platform are NFT avatars and a sophisticated level system, offering users an unprecedented level of personalization. To date, Blocktrade has seen significant user engagement, with minigames on the platform racking up more than 100,000 plays since the launch of Blocktrade 3.0. 

An Expanding Ecosystem

The BTEX token is the native cryptocurrency powering the Blocktrade ecosystem with a range of different features. In the upcoming months, BTEX holders can engage in in-house gaming challenges and are rewarded with BTEX tokens when progressing through levels on the platform. With the earned tokens, users can unlock new collectibles and be featured on leaderboards while building their own collection of NFTs. The BTEX token can be further utilized within third-party games, such as the exciting collaboration with the Drone Champions League (DCL) as recently unveiled. DCL gamers and fans can use the BTEX token to purchase merchandise or in-game items within the DCL universe. Combining the emerging worlds of eSports and crypto, the partnership hopes to drive awareness of the potential of crypto among new audiences. 

Community support of the BTEX token sale and the newly launched platform underscores the appetite for increased engagement in crypto trading. Gamification not only injects an element of excitement but also transforms the complex landscape of crypto investments into an accessible and enjoyable experience. By incorporating gamification, Blocktrade aims to cultivate a sense of community and encourage new users to participate and explore the crypto opportunity.

When Information Meets Innovation: A Promising Future 

As part of its commitment to making crypto more accessible, Blocktrade launched its Blocktrade Academy. By providing tutorials to help users navigate crypto trading and the broader industry, Blocktrade ensures its users can make informed investment decisions. While educating users is key, so too is building their trust, now more than ever. Blocktrade is regulated to EU standards as a registered VASP with the Estonian, Italian, and Slovenian authorities.

As it rolls out its gamified universe, Blocktrade aims to continue driving innovation, adhering to the highest regulatory standards and delivering an engaging experience for its community members. The platform is constantly expanding its ecosystem through new partnerships while adhering to the highest standards of transparency, compliance, and customer service. With the BTEX token now available, users can expect additional features and functions to come.
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