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Bitcoin Price Drops Again: Here’s Why (Cryptoticker)

Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency, recently experienced a significant price drop, descending to about $66,000. This downturn not only raised eyebrows among investors but also affected the broader cryptocurrency market, including Ethereum. This article delves into the myriad factors contributing to this decline, examining its implications and exploring future price predictions.

Understanding the Price Drop

Widespread Liquidations: A massive wave of liquidations hit major cryptocurrency exchanges, notably Binance. This resulted in 121,325 traders facing losses, highlighting the volatility and the high-risk nature of the cryptocurrency market.

Market Sentiment Shift: A report from QCP Capital indicated a sudden surge in perpetual funding rates, followed by a drastic decline. This rapid change signaled a shift in market sentiment, contributing to the price drop.

Economic Factors: The global economic climate, marked by uncertainty and inflation fears in the US, has played a significant role. An outflow of $85.84 million from Bitcoin spot ETFs on April 1st reflected growing investor caution. These economic challenges have dampened expectations for relaxed monetary policies and interest rate cuts, exerting downward pressure on Bitcoin prices.

Bitcoin’s Volatility and the Halving Event: Bitcoin’s price is known for its dramatic swings. After reaching an all-time high of $74,120 on March 14, it plummeted to $66,885, a 9% drop in just one day. The anticipated Bitcoin halving in April, which will reduce the daily creation of new bitcoins, has added to market uncertainty and volatility.

Recent Trends and Market Analysis

Despite the recent downturn, Bitcoin’s trading volume surged by 66.8%, indicating sustained interest and the potential for recovery. The beginning of the new quarter saw Bitcoin struggling against rising Treasury yields and a stronger US dollar, further contributing to its price decline.


Economic indicators, such as growth in the manufacturing sector and adjustments in Federal Reserve expectations, have influenced Bitcoin’s performance. Moreover, a significant transfer of bitcoins to the Bitfinex exchange suggested increased selling activity, exacerbating the price drop.

Price Prediction and Analysis: The recent difficulties Bitcoin faced in maintaining stability above the $70,000 mark, coupled with its failure to hold the $69,200 support level, signal a bearish trend. The price dipped below $68,500 and continued to decline, eventually hovering near the critical $66,000 level.

A recovery attempt has been observed, with Bitcoin momentarily surpassing the $66,800 mark. However, the long-term outlook remains cautious. If Bitcoin fails to breach the $68,000 resistance, further declines could be on the horizon, with potential support at $66,000 and lower thresholds at $65,000 and $64,000.

Can Bitcoin Reach $80,000 in April?

Despite the setbacks, there are several reasons for optimism. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s recent statements have buoyed hopes for a resilient Bitcoin market. Furthermore, Bitcoin’s performance over the past year, with a 140% increase, and its position above the 200-day simple moving average, suggest underlying strength.

The impending Bitcoin halving is a critical event that could either catalyze a rally or introduce further volatility. Historically, halving events have preceded significant price increases for Bitcoin. Thus, reaching the $80,000 mark before the halving remains a plausible scenario, contingent on overcoming immediate resistance levels and maintaining positive momentum.

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Bitcoin’s recent price drop has underscored the complex interplay of market dynamics, economic factors, and investor sentiment shaping the cryptocurrency landscape. While the immediate future may hold further challenges, the underlying indicators suggest potential for recovery and growth.

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