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Bitcoin Millionaire Takes A Shot At Cardano For Being A ‘Wannabe Ethereum’ – Details

Cardano (ADA) is being caught in the crossfire once again as Bitcoin millionaire Arthur Hayes is taking shots at the network. Arthur, who is known for being a founder and former CEO of the BitMex crypto exchange, has been vocal about his dislike for the network, which he believes is trying to be like Ethereum.

Cardano Is A Wannabe Ethereum

In an interview with Coin Bureau, Arthur Hayes did not hold back while sharing his scathing review of the Cardano blockchain. The interview, which focused on the performance of Bitcoin and the crypto market so far, pivoted toward Cardano, which Hayes seems to believe is a low-quality copy of Ethereum.

The millionaire started out by warning investors to steer clear of altcoins, which seem to be all buzz and no substance. These projects which he believes should reflect on being “marketed too heavily” have had a track record of imploding and not surviving the market.

Turning to Cardano, Hayes delivered a scathing comment when he called the network the “first wannabe Ethereum.” Furthermore, the founder also does not believe that the network is all that relevant to the crypto industry and explains that the Cardano network is currently at risk of being irrelevant unless it finds some way to set itself apart from the countless Ethereum competitors out there.

Hayes also talked about the Spot Bitcoin ETFs, which were approved for trading in January. But contrary to the warm reception that these exchange-traded products have received, Hayes posits that it is not a win for crypto. Rather, it is a fee-generating vehicle for asset managers such as BlackRock, he explained.

Still Not Convinced About ADA

Hayes’s comments about Cardano have not been limited to the Coin Bureau interview alone as he also took to his X (formerly Twitter) page to bash the network once again. In the post, Hayes refers to the network as “dog sh*t”. He pointed out that the most active decentralized applications (DApps) on the network were not originally launched on Cardano, questioning if the network has any offering that is widely used by investors,

Hayes takes the bashing a step forward by tagging Charles Hoskinson, founder of the Cardano network, and asking him to educate him about the network. However, instead of the usual clapbacks that Hoskinson is known for, he takes a more lighthearted tone, saying, “Arthur, why are you throwing shade at Cardano? I like you man.”

Presently, Cardano continues to show strength after its Total Value Locked (TVL) rose 18% in the last month to cross $504 million. This makes it the 16th-largest network by TVL, in front of the likes of Coinbase’s Base and Aptos, according to data from DeFiLlama.

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