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Home » News » Bitcoin ETFs to Buy 10x More BTC than Miners Can Produce Daily: Halving Projected to Drive $100,000 Price This Year (crypto-news-flash)

Bitcoin ETFs to Buy 10x More BTC than Miners Can Produce Daily: Halving Projected to Drive $100,000 Price This Year (crypto-news-flash)

Bitcoin ETFs’ aggressive buying could amplify the impact of the upcoming Bitcoin halving in 2024, potentially driving prices to unprecedented heights.
Experts forecast a significant rise in Bitcoin’s value, potentially reaching $100,000 due to the combined effect of halving and ETF-driven demand.

As the crypto world anticipates Bitcoin’s fourth halving in April 2024, there’s growing excitement about its potential impact on Bitcoin’s price. Historically, halvings have been significant market events, typically leading to price increases.

The Rise of Bitcoin ETFs

The crypto landscape is witnessing a seismic shift with the entry of spot Bitcoin ETFs, especially from major players like BlackRock and Fidelity. These ETFs are buying Bitcoin at unprecedented rates, often exceeding $1 billion in daily inflows, as detailed in a CNF YouTube video. This surge is reshaping the market, possibly overshadowing the halving’s impact.

Observing these developments, blockchain researcher Collin Brown highlights through his X account the significant implications of this trend, underlining the sheer magnitude of ETF purchases compared to the daily output of Bitcoin miners.

As #Bitcoin‘s fourth halving nears, a supply shock meets a demand surge. Experts predict soaring prices, potentially pushing BTC to $100,000. With #BlackRock and other ETFs buying 10x more than miners produce daily, Bitcoin’s long-term rise seems inevitable. #BitcoinHalving

— Marcel Knobloch aka Collin Brown (@CollinBrownXRP) April 3, 2024

Historical Context and Contemporary Analysis

Traditionally, Bitcoin’s halvings have been pivotal in shaping its market value. However, the current landscape is somewhat different. As reported by CNF, the Bitcoin rally in 2023 was heavily influenced by broader macroeconomic factors and its correlation with U.S. tech stocks, marking a departure from the trends observed in periods following previous halvings. This divergence suggests that the upcoming halving, combined with the massive influx of ETF investments, could propel Bitcoin into uncharted price territories.

Despite the current market showing a downturn, with Bitcoin trading at $65,987 — a 0.97% decline from the previous day and a 6.25% decrease over the past week — the long-term outlook remains bullish. The convergence of the halving event and the explosive growth of ETF-driven demand creates a compelling case for a substantial increase in Bitcoin’s value, with some experts projecting it to reach or even surpass $100,000.

This unprecedented market scenario, shaped by both historical precedents and new financial instruments, sets the stage for what could be a monumental year for Bitcoin.

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