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Bitcoin Advocate Critiques Ethereum; Eos & Chainlink Competitor Capture Market Interest (crypto-news-flash)

In the lively and ever-changing world of cryptocurrency, where new ideas and big bets are the norms, stories keep evolving. Fred Krueger, a Bitcoin advocate, recently started looking closely at Ethereum. He’s pointing out some big issues, like how it’s doing business and the kind of attention it’s getting from regulators. His thoughts have really sparked a lot of talk among crypto enthusiasts, especially about how weird it is that Ethereum’s price is going up while fewer people are actually using its network. Amidst all these changes, there’s a new ICO on the block: InQubeta, competing with the likes of EOS and Chainlink.

Ethereum’s Dilemma: Krueger’s Critique

Now, about Ethereum’s issues that Krueger is talking about: he has really dug into the numbers, looking at how many people are using Ethereum’s network and what they’re doing with it. Even though the price of this top altcoin has been soaring, hitting highs not seen in two years, the number of daily active users has dropped a lot – from 120,000 in 2021 to just 66,000 last year. This drop is evident from reduced user volume on Uniswap V3, one of Ethereum’s top apps. It’s got people wondering if Ethereum can really keep up as a go-to platform for direct transactions in the long run.

Krueger emphasizes the stark decrease in Uniswap V3’s DAUs, from 60,000 in 2020 to a mere 16,000 recently, as a testament to Ethereum’s eroding utility. Furthermore, he points to regulatory clouds looming over Ethereum, especially concerning the potential approval of a spot Ethereum Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF), which could face significant scrutiny.

InQubeta (QUBE): Breaking the Barriers to AI Investing

As Ethereum faces skepticism, a new competitor emerges on the horizon, capturing the interest of investors and tech enthusiasts alike. InQubeta isn’t your typical blockchain ICO; it’s all about changing the game in AI technology and how we invest in new companies. Think about a world where throwing money into the latest AI projects isn’t just for the tech moguls in Silicon Valley. That’s where InQubeta comes in – it’s opening up the world of AI startup investing to everyone.

Here’s how it works: instead of needing a fortune to invest, you can get in on the action with something called QUBE tokens. This makes investing more communal – anyone can join in, not just the super-rich. Plus, there are some popular NFTs at play. That means as an investor, you get more than just a promise; you get real rewards and even a piece of the company.

Startups working with InQubeta can turn their big ideas into NFTs. These aren’t just digital art; they represent different perks or shares in the company. So, if you’ve got some QUBE tokens, you can pick out these NFTs, invest in them, and help an AI startup grow. It’s like a win-win: the startups get the support they need, and investors get to be part of the next big thing, sharing in the success and pushing innovation forward.

The QUBE token, designed as a deflationary asset, underpins the InQubeta ecosystem. With a 2% transaction tax contributing to a burn wallet and a 5% tax feeding into a rewards pool, the QUBE token offers a sustainable investment model. The success of InQubeta’s presale, raising over $10.5 million, signifies the market’s confidence in its novel approach and long-term potential.

Looking ahead, InQubeta plans to expand its platform with the launch of an NFT marketplace, the InQubeta Swap, and the establishment of an InQubeta DAO, marking significant milestones in its roadmap. These developments not only enhance the platform’s functionality but also reinforce its commitment to creating a participatory and inclusive investment landscape.


Big names in the crypto world like Ethereum are navigating through tough times, facing close scrutiny and changing market trends. But there’s something new and exciting on the rise: platforms like InQubeta. They’re starting a whole new story on how blockchain technology and artificial intelligence can work together.

InQubeta is all about empowering people, thinking outside the box, and creating a strong community. It’s pushing past old barriers, making it easier for everyday investors to connect with groundbreaking startups. This approach really gets to the heart of what decentralization is all about.

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