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Best Cryptocurrency News Apps to Download (Coindoo)

Ever tried getting the best cryptocurrency news apps from the web? Certainly, the search wasn’t easy, or was it? Of course, the market is saturated. But we’ve taken our time, filtering through them, to compile a list of the crème de la crème.  

However, before we delve into these crypto news apps and their peculiar features, let’s first understand what is and why you should choose a cryptocurrency news app.  

Here we go! 

What is a Cryptocurrency News App? 

A cryptocurrency news app is a mobile application designed to keep users up-to-date with the news from all around the world about cryptocurrencies. It is a one-stop hub for the latest news, updates, and insights about the cryptocurrency market.  

These apps provide users with an exhaustive overview of the crypto landscape by aggregating information from various sources such as blogs, news websites, and social media platforms.  

Using user-friendly interfaces and easy navigation, crypto news apps empower users to stay informed about market trends, emerging technologies, regulatory changes, and investment opportunities.  

Why Should You Choose a Cryptocurrency News App?

Undoubtedly, the cryptocurrency market, just like the forex market, is highly volatile. There is a lot of news and buzz on crypto, and you must stay updated to grab the best opportunities and make a windfall. That’s why you need the best cryptocurrency news app to keep you posted on the latest happenings within the ecosystem.  

The faster you receive and act on information differentiates savvy from greenhorn investors. Investors try different ways to inform nowadays, like from cryptocurrency TikTok accounts, but the dates are not always correct. And what better way can you receive this information than having a crypto news app on your gadget? 

Remember, we are living in the information age, where technology has made the flow of news so fast. Therefore, those who receive information earlier are likely to make valuable decisions and reap big before the latecomers react with FOMO. That’s why you should have cryptocurrency news apps on your phone that give instantaneous updates to change your life–for the better. 

Top 8 Best Crypto News Apps to Download 

In a nutshell, the best crypto news apps to download are: 

Crypto News – Best Crypto News Aggregator App Overall 

CoinStats – Best Crypto News App for Portfolio and General News Tracking 

CoinGecko – Best Crypto News App for Fundamental Analysis 

CoinCodex – Best Crypto News App for Its Personalizing Options and Crypto Analysis 

CoinTelegraph – The Best Dedicated App of a Crypto News Publication 

The Crypto App – Best Crypto News App for Specific Coin News Tracking 

CryptoPanic – Best Crypto News App for Professional Traders 

CoinMarketCap – Best Crypto News App for Market Data 

We recommend exploring the following presentations to gain a deeper understanding and learn more about these apps. These resources will provide valuable insights into these cryptocurrency news apps’ functionalities, features, and benefits. 

1. Crypto News – Best Crypto News Aggregator App Overall 

Undoubtedly, Crypto News is the best cryptocurrency news apps for anyone interested in getting the fastest news on crypto. It has a news aggregator (more than 300 news websites) and a market monitoring feature. Moreover, it has a portfolio manager that helps you easily monitor your digital assets’ performance. 

Importantly, the app has an integrated CoinMarketCap to let you monitor the market pulse. Using this app, you can access data on more than 1000 cryptocurrencies, and its search function allows you to choose any coin. Moreover, you can monitor the performance of coins on different exchanges. You can also access the paid version that sends you unlimited notifications with zero advertisements. 

Crypto News is the best news aggregator with a mobile app available on Google Play and App Store

Pros of the Crypto News app: 

Fast and reliable cryptocurrency news aggregator; 

Market monitoring feature for staying updated on the latest market trends; 

Portfolio manager for easy tracking of digital asset performance; 

Integrated CoinMarketCap for comprehensive market data; 

Access to information on over 1000 cryptocurrencies; 

Search function for easy navigation and coin selection; 

Ability to monitor coin performance on different exchanges; 

Available on both Google Play and App Store. 

Cons of the Crypto News app: 

Advertisements on the free version can be intrusive or annoying. 

2. CoinStats – Best Crypto News App for Portfolio and General News Tracking 

CoinStats is a popular crypto manager and DeFi wallet where users can manage – buy, trade, and earn on – all their holdings from one place.  

The app supports most wallets and exchanges of all crypto managers on the market. The comprehensive toolset CoinStats provides enables users to conduct in-depth research, find their next favorite coin, analyze their portfolio performance, and set up alerts to act at the right time.  

With over 1.2 million monthly active users and over $500 million worth of crypto managed via the app, CoinStats is on its way to becoming the front page of crypto and DeFi.  

CoinStats also has a news aggregator with more than 30 sources. They provide handpicked news as well as trending news based on their user’s voting. 

Based on our research, CoinStats is the best app for crypto news overall and is available on Google Play and App Store

Pros of CoinStats app: 

Thorough crypto management; 

Broad compatibility with wallets and exchanges; 

Extensive toolset for research and portfolio analysis; 

Large user base with over 1.2 million monthly active users; 

News aggregator with 30+ sources; 

Available on both Google Play and App Store. 

Cons of CoinStats app: 

Limited compatibility with specific platforms; 

The app needs UX/UI improvements in places. 

3. CoinGecko – Best Crypto News App for Fundamental Analysis 

If you’re looking for the best cryptocurrency news apps to give you real-time news, prices, charts, and market cap but with a focus on helping you in the fundamental analysis process, then CoinGecko should always catch your list.  

This is a must-have cryptocurrency data aggregator. You can track over 8,000 cryptocurrencies using this app. 

Also, you can track different categories such as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Decentralized Exchange tokens (DEX), and Exchange-based tokens, among others.  

Furthermore, CoinGecko monitors the expansion of communities, on-chain metrics, and open-source code development. You can also collect daily candies and redeem them for different rewards. 

CoinGecko is the best news app for fundamental analysis and can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store

Pros of the CoinGecko app: 

Features a simple and intuitive interface; 

Provides reliable and accurate information about the crypto industry; 

Easy access to vital coin information; 

Broad coverage of markets, trading pairs, exchanges, and assets; 

Offers a wide range of functionality; 

Offers free educational resources; 

Available on both Google Play and App Store. 

Cons of the CoinGecko app: 

There are still some digital currencies that have not been included yet; 

Lack of general business information on digital securities and blockchain companies. 

4. CoinCodex – Best Crypto News App for Its Personalizing Options and Crypto Analysis 

CoinCodex is one of the best cryptocurrency news apps for setting personalized notifications. You can never go wrong with the CoinCodex app for real-time cryptocurrency tracking. You can easily track Ethereum, Bitcoin, and more than 10,000 coins. The existing line charts or candlestick charts enable you to monitor price action before making an informed move. 

Notably, the app allows you to create your cryptocurrency portfolio and monitor its real-time performance. The watch list feature allows you to only concentrate on the coins that interest you. Apart from instant notifications, you will also benefit from the latest news. Above all, it is safe and secure. 

CoinCodex can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store

Pros of the CoinCodex app: 

Real-time charts and data for up-to-date market information; 

Highly customizable news source for personalized news feed; 

Conveniently track crypto performance from anywhere; 

User-friendly interface; 

Comprehensive coverage of cryptocurrencies; 

Price alerts and notifications for selected cryptocurrencies. 

Cons of the CoinCodex app: 

Limited social media management and promotion capabilities; 

Limited user support and customer service; 

Occasional delays or inaccuracies in data updates. 

5. CoinTelegraph – The Best Dedicated App of a Crypto News Publication 

You can never go wrong if you have the CoinTelegraph app, one of the most reliable crypto news app that exists. And that’s because it’s one of the most comprehensive resources for staying updated on headline-worthy crypto-related news and will ensure you are well-informed about everything occurring in the crypto world.  

CoinTelegraph app provides a seamless experience for accessing comprehensive news, market analysis, and educational resources related to Bitcoin, Ethereum, altcoins, DeFi, NFTs, and more. With over 1,000 articles published monthly, CoinTelegraph is a trusted media outlet known for its in-depth coverage of the crypto industry. 

Users can stay on top of market trends with real-time charts and cryptocurrency price updates. The app offers an extensive library of news stories, interviews, and op-eds, providing valuable insights into the ever-evolving world of blockchain and digital assets. Educational articles cater to beginners, helping them understand complex concepts like trading, DeFi, and the metaverse. 

With its user-friendly interface and a wealth of content, this app is a valuable resource for both seasoned crypto enthusiasts and newcomers looking to explore the world of cryptocurrencies. 

The CoinTelegraph app is available on both Google Play and App Store

Pros of the CoinTelegraph app: 

Comprehensive crypto news coverage; 

Real-time charts and price updates; 

User-friendly interface; 

One of the best well-known crypto news platforms. 

Cons of the CoinTelegraph app: 

News limited to one source – CoinTelegraph; 

Limited customization. 

6. The Crypto App – Best Crypto News App for Specific Coin News Tracking 

Certainly, Crypto App cannot miss the list of the best cryptocurrency news apps. Why? It is integrated with over 300 exchanges. It supports lots of fiat currencies, such as USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, BRL, etc., and cryptocurrencies, such as BTC, ETH, SOL, ADA, and others, allowing you to convert between crypto and fiat. And as usual, it provides you with the latest news on cryptocurrency. 

If that isn’t enough, the app allows you to track prices and get crypto alerts in real time. The existing portfolio tracker will enable you to monitor the performance of your assets. Also, you can set a priority coin list to remove any clutter and focus on select coins. 

The Crypto App is available on Google Play and App Store

Pros of The Crypto App: 

Real-time live charts and prices for accurate market monitoring; 

Access to industry-wide news from top crypto publishers; 

Integration with 100+ crypto exchanges and a wide range of crypto tokens; 

Price alerts to stay informed about cryptocurrency price movements; 

User-friendly interface. 

Cons of The Crypto App: 

Limited features without activating a paid plan; 

Occasional glitches or technical issues; 

Limited customer support. 

7. CryptoPanic – Best Crypto News App for Professional Traders 

ometimes you want to get all the latest cryptocurrency news as they trickle in from reliable sources, especially when you’re a professional trader. Getting a news aggregator like CryptoPanic serves you right in such an instance. It comes with a Bitcoin-aggregated real-time news feed and a free portfolio tracker.  

They introduced an official Android app that provides native notification support. Also, the new app comes with an improved external link that opens in closable tabs. Users can also carry polls on crypto-related subjects on the app. Its Oasis platform provides enthusiasts to pursue knowledge and gain inspiration. The media provides channels and podcasts, too. 

CryptoPanic is the best news app for professional traders and can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store

Pros of the CryptoPanic app: 

User-friendly interface that is easy to navigate; 

Provides up-to-date and relevant news; 

Conveniently saves time by aggregating news from various sources. 

Cons of the CryptoPanic app: 

Advanced features are only available in the pro version. 

8. CoinMarketCap – Best Crypto News App for Market Data 

The CoinMarketCap app is an essential tool for anyone interested in cryptocurrencies. The app behaves precisely like the CoinMarketCap website, and in case you didn’t know, CoinMarketCap is not just about market data and analysis; it also has a special news section. 

With its real-time charts, live prices, and extensive coin stats, this app provides a comprehensive overview of the crypto market in order to stay informed about the latest trends, track the performance of over 11,000 cryptocurrencies, and compare their market data to make informed investment decisions. 

This app lets you discover the latest developments in NFTs, metaverse, and other emerging sectors. The app also features educational articles to help beginners understand critical concepts and confidently navigate the crypto space. 

The CoinMarketCap app is available on Google Play and App Store

Pros of the CoinMarketCap app: 

Comprehensive market data for over 11,000 cryptocurrencies; 

Real-time updates and live price tracking; 

Personalized watchlist feature; 

Access to news and educational resources. 

Cons of the CoinMarketCap app: 

Less intuitive user interface; 

Presence of ads and sponsored content. 

You May Also Be Interested In 

TradingView App 

Discussing the best cryptocurrency news apps without mentioning the TradingView app would be incomplete. Even if the app does not offer much to offer in the form of news, it proves to be an important resource for individuals who engage in crypto trading frequently. You can expect to find useful details from the app, such as cryptocurrency pairs, stocks, and bonds. The application is available for both Android and iOS users. You only need to visit the appropriate store and download it to your phone. 


The app is specifically designed for iPhones and iPads. It ranks amongst the best cryptocurrency news apps because you can listen to podcasts from within the app. You can also use full-text search to find stories that interest you. Fresh hourly content is shared, and it’s updated all day long. 

Also, you can view detailed information for all active exchanges for a selected crypto/fiat pair while viewing crypto/fiat prices for most major currencies.  

Cryptocurrency – Prices, News, Portfolio Value 

Stoyanov’s Cryptocurrencies tracker is yet another application each crypto enthusiast should install. The application was designed to provide users with live data regarding crypto prices, breaking events and news, and a personal portfolio that can be used to track the value attached to each digital currency. With it comes an easy-to-use and navigate user interface that allows you to move from one section of the app to another. Also, there are a price tracker and a cap ranker, a live asset module, an altcoin viewer, and a portfolio manager. 


What is the Best App for Crypto News? 

Based on our research, the best app for crypto news is Crypto News, followed by CoinStats, CoinGecko, CoinCodex, CoinTelegraph, The Crypto App, CryptoPanic, and CoinMarketCap. 

What is the Most Reliable Crypto News? 

There are several reputable sources for crypto news that you can rely on. These include well-known mainstream publications like Forbes, CNBC, and Bloomberg, which cover a wide range of financial and business topics, including cryptocurrencies. Additionally, crypto-specific sources such as CoinDesk, and CoinTelegraph specialize in providing news and insights related explicitly to the crypto industry. Exploring news from various sources is recommended to ensure a comprehensive and balanced understanding of the market. 

Can I Track My Portfolio with a Cryptocurrency News App? 

Certainly! Certain cryptocurrency news apps offer portfolio tracking features that enable users to monitor the performance of their investments alongside the latest news and market trends. This functionality allows you to conveniently stay updated on your portfolio’s financial aspects and the relevant news impacting the crypto market. 


So, we have reviewed the best cryptocurrency news apps you can leverage to make it in the volatile sector. Each crypto news app has its core advantages and peculiarities that you must consider before installing it on your gadget. 

Ultimately, you can have more than one app on your gadgets. Therefore, take time when choosing. We are certain that we have shared the best in the market with you.  

Hopefully, the article will help you in your future crypto investment endeavors. Read widely. Invest wisely.

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