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$52K Bitcoin Sends Total Market Cap To $1 Trillion As Borroe Finance Presale Gain Investor’s Interest (crypto-news-flash)

As Bitcoin (BTC) surpassed the $52,000 mark, its market cap surged to $1 trillion. BTC’s uptrend momentum has caught the eyes of many investors. However, savvy investors prefer one of the new DeFi projects, Borroe Finance ($ROE), for its ongoing performance in the presale stages. Moreover, $ROE’s surge in demand has increased investors’ confidence. Let’s find out more. 

Bitcoin Regains $1 Trillion Market Cap

After hitting a two-year high, Bitcoin has surged its market cap to $1 trillion. The two-week uptrend momentum for Bitcoin has led the leading cryptocurrency to surpass the $52,000 level. Moreover, Bitcoin crossed $1 trillion in market cap for the first time since December 2021. 

One of the contributing factors to Bitcoin’s recent performance was the steady flow of news from the spot Bitcoin ETFs approval. After the approval, Bitcoin funds have already witnessed over $3 billion of net flows. This has fueled optimism among BTC traders and holders. 

According to crypto analysts, BTC will challenge its previous ATH due to both the halving event and spot Bitcoin ETFs. This prediction makes BTC the best coin to invest in.

As of February 18, BTC was exchanging hands at $51,800, representing an excellent 7.80% gain over the past seven days. However, BTC has retraced from its two-year high of $52,800. This BTC price correction made a 1.89% drop between the time frames.

Despite touching the $52,000 level, BTC has struggled to remain above that level. Some experts even say that if Bitcoin fails to reclaim the $52,000 level, BTC might experience a wave of selling pressure that could plummet to $48,500 in the coming weeks.

Borroe Finance Presale Performance Attracts Investors’ Interest

After unveiling its incredible features, Borroe Finance has been ruling among the hearts of investors. Likewise, investors also deem $ROE one of the best crypto investment picks following its mind-blowing success in presale stages. Borroe Finance uniquely blends AI, NFT, and blockchain to revamp the Web3 and DeFi space.

With its AI-powered funding marketplace, Borroe Finance excels in crowdfunding and dispels the debacles of traditional financing systems. Businesses can use Borroe Finance to sell their most popular NFTs representing their future or outstanding invoices at discounted rates to raise funds. Moreover, Borroe Finance offers a Peer-to-Peer ecosystem for buyers’ convenience.

For this reason, Borroe Finance has stood as one of the best DeFi projects. Additionally, Borroe Finance has a governance token – $ROE, which deploys token burn strategies for minimizing token supply and stimulating the market’s demand. Apart from that, $ROE also enhances liquidity lock mechanisms.

Currently, Borroe Finance is continuing the fourth stage of its presale. $ROE is priced attractively at $0.019 at this stage. This $ROE‘s price is already 90% up from the beta stage. Once the presale ends, $ROE is destined to reach $0.040. If any investors are willing to buy $ROE now, they will anticipate a 110.5% jump in their investment.

However, experts say $ROE real gains lie after it gets released on DEX (decentralized exchange). Given its price trajectory, they say that $ROE is regarded as a prime contender for one of the best cryptos to buy now.

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