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5 Top Crypto to Buy This Week [LBLOCK, BNB, MKR, FTT, AXS] – July 2022 Week 2

Coin prices are starting the week at a low, amidst additional declines in the traditional market. While investors remain relatively sceptical, the most opportunistic investors understand that market downturns are a great time to find the top crypto to buy to enjoy gains when the market flips bullish.

In this article, we’ve analysed some of the top crypto to buy now.

1. Lucky Block (LBLOCK)

Our top crypto to buy this week is LBLOCK. The digital asset has become a major draw for investors. LBLOCK powers the Lucky Block gaming ecosystem and provides a great way for many investors to earn.

Lucky Block is a blockchain gaming platform built on the Binance Smart Chain. The platform offers an open ecosystem where players can enjoy easy access to games – as long as they buy Lucky Block and use it as a ticket.

LBLOCK currently trades at $0.00088. The asset is down by 0.55% in the past 24 hours.

We believe that LBLOCK remains a highly valuable asset. For one the Lucky Block ecosystem is expected to continue with its jackpots and giveaways, and a recent announcement shows that the LBLOCK V2 has cleared audits. This should open the coin to possible listings on centralised exchanges.

V2 token audit passed! ✅

That means that we’re getting closer to listings on centralized exchanges! 🤩

Let the #CountdownToCEXs begin! 🥳 @SolidProof_io #crypto #audit #CEX #listings #blockchain pic.twitter.com/TZJMPdNOdZ

— Lucky Block (@luckyblockcoin) June 23, 2022

Centralised listings are always a boost for any coin, so we expect to see some gains in the long run.

2. Binance Coin (BNB)

Next on our list of the top crypto to buy this week is the Binance Coin. The digital asset powers Binance – the market’s top broker.

With a current price of $217.48, BNB is trading up by 0.27% in the past 24 hours.

Recently, Binance made a big splash into the Web3 and token (NFT) spaces, signing exposure partnerships with social media influencer Khaby Lame and soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo.

Both partnerships are expected to boost the exchange’s already significant exposure, making it a good idea to buy Binance Coin now. Plus, the asset’s status as a large-cap coin means that it is sure to see gains when the market flips bullish.

3. Maker (MKR)

Maker is one of the most prominent decentralised finance (DeFi) protocols. It currently ranks as the top DeFi protocol, with a focus on lending. Maker is also run by MakerDAO – a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) that also controls the DAI stablecoin.

The platform’s native token, MKR, currently trades at $890. The asset is up by 0.34% in the past day alone, giving it enough momentum heading into the week.

We believe that this could be a good time to buy Maker as MakerDAO recently made moves to guarantee its financial viability amid the market downturn. Last month, MakerDAO passed a proposal to invest 500 million DAI stablecoin units in US treasuries and bonds.

The Maker Governance votes to determine how to allocate 500 million DAI between different investment strategies.

This allocation poll is a result of the passage of MIP65: Monetalis Clydesdale: Liquid Bond Strategy & Execution.

A recap on how it would work.


1/ pic.twitter.com/SdF9QT2OM6

— Maker (@MakerDAO) June 27, 2022

The proposal represents a major shakeup for MakerDAO, signalling their intent to move beyond just crypto and into traditional financial investments with the flagship DAI token.

4. FTX Token (FTT)

Next on our list of the top crypto to buy this week is FTT. The crypto asset underpins FTX – another top exchange in the market. FTT trails only BNB in market cap among exchange tokens, and the asset continues to grow.

FTT has a current price of $24.29, up 1.665% in the past 24 hours. It is one of the few major coins to post gains heading into the week.

We believe that this could be a good time to buy FTX Token. The exchange already scored a massive win after its acquisition of the Canadian crypto broker, Bitvo, got approved, marking its expansion into the country.

FTX has also made inroads into the stock trading space. Its American subsidiary acquired Embed Financial Technologies last month, and FTX was even rumoured to be eyeing an acquisition for Robinhood.

Amid the market downturn, FTX keeps expanding. We believe that FTX’s continued growth would positively impact FTT’s value in the long term.

5. Axie Infinity (AXS)

Rounding out our list of the top crypto to buy this week is AXS. The asset, which had a stellar 2021, remains a top pick for most investors excited about the metaverse and NFTs.

AXS is the native token for Axie Infinity – a blockchain battle royale game that allows players to battle their pets for a chance at supremacy and an opportunity to earn. The asset currently holds a price peg of $13.94, up by 1.61% in the past 24 hours.

The current climate seems to be quite favourable for Axie Infinity. The platform’s Ronin bridge, which processed fund transfers between the Ethereum and Ronin blockchains, suffered a $612 million hack a few months back. But, the bridge was recently relaunched, with Axie’s developers also sharing a plan to compensate hack victims.

With operations returning to normalcy, investors can buy Axie Infinity Shards and prepare for gains as the platform kickstarts once more.

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